Your Guide to Choosing a Back Door Replacement in Utah

Dedicated backyard spaces or a patio provide a convenient venue for friends, family and neighbors to gather and celebrate life’s little moments and milestones. No matter how careful you are, however, regular use can wear out your back door. When you need back door replacement, that’s the time to call Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

Our team not only supplies top-of-the-line windows and doors from the best brands, but we also have skilled professionals who can install your purchase for you. But you might be wondering, how do you select a suitable replacement? No matter what your priorities are, whether it be style or function, we have some tips for you that can help you narrow down your choices.

Back Door Replacement

What Are the Types of Patio Doors?

In general, patio doors come in three major classifications: French (otherwise known as swinging), sliding and folding. The most suitable one for you will depend on the layout of your home and yard and the area’s design.

French — These are your typical entry doors that swing open and closed. Usually, they come with total view glass panels, but other configurations are also available.

Sliding — A crowd favorite, this is a common choice for back doors. Many homeowners are drawn to sliding doors’ simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Like the swinging door, it comes in various configurations as well, but it is commonly paired with a screen for more flexibility.

Folding — Usually reserved for exits to larger patios, folding doors add flair to any space. Their standard design is usually two to eight panels that fold like an accordion. The panels can be made of different materials such as composite, wood, aluminum or glass.

Things to Consider When Picking Replacement Back Doors

If you’re wondering how to pick a replacement, here are some things you should factor in when shopping around for new back doors in Utah.


When choosing a replacement door, selecting the material most suitable for your purpose is more important than aesthetics. The most common of these are vinyl, wood, metal, fiberglass and glass.

Vinyl is weatherproof and comes in different shades and finishes, making it one of the most popular and versatile materials from which to make doors. Wood is undoubtedly appealing and elegant, with mahogany, pine and alder as the most popular types used.

Metal is the most affordable and is quite durable too. Some metals have a protective coating to help withstand rust and corrosion. Similarly, fiberglass has the same qualities but is also lightweight.

As for glass, there are many ways to use it in a door’s structure and there are many types to choose from as well. For example, there is a special glass that is treated with UV protective material. Another type has a coating that allows it to disperse light better and help you conserve energy. Some are mainly for decorative purposes, while others are a functional addition to the entire assembly.

Locking Mechanism

Because patio doors double as entry points from the outside, durable and secure locks are a must. Ideally, if you use both a door and a screen, they should have a multiple-locking system to deter burglars from entering your home.

Some of the most common locking mechanisms are:

  • Central rail key-operated lock, a multi-point apparatus attached to the middle part of the track where the doors meet
  • Key-operated multi-point lock, which uses the rim locking system
  • Key-operated lock, a simple top and bottom lock
  • Deadbolt lock, typically found on exterior French doors


If you’d like to see out into your yard while lounging around inside your home, you might want to consider a design that has a broader glass panel.

More Tips for Selecting a Back Door Replacement in Utah

Now that you know your options in terms of type, materials and security mechanisms, here are some other considerations that you should keep in mind when shopping for your door replacement.

  • Dimensions — When purchasing ready-made assemblies, it is essential to measure the place you intend to install them to ensure a snug fit and smooth operation. Getting the correct measurements will also help you get the most out of the assembly’s life.
  • Maintenance — Think of how much time and resources you are willing to spend on the upkeep of your doors. For some materials like aluminum, all it takes is some wiping to keep them looking pristine. But for others like wood, you may have to do more than that.
  • Source — Naturally, you want to consider where you’ll be getting your products. Choose door companies that have established themselves in the business. They tend to be more particular with quality control and wouldn’t dare carry products that could tarnish their reputation.
  • Cost — Your budget should be a consideration when looking for a back door. You wouldn’t want to spend more than you can afford, so having a set budget beforehand allows you to narrow down your choices and shop more efficiently.

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