Skylight, Sun Tunnel, and Roof Windows

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Skylights – the modern, technological marvel skylights – provide countless benefits to both home and business owners.

They add the beauty of natural light and, if you choose one of the venting styles, fresh air and significant energy savings as well. Add some of the fun and function options that are available today, and you’ll be truly amazed at how skylights can transform your space.

Skylights Go High-Tech

Whether you choose fixed or operational models, today’s skylights have nothing in common with the old models.

Every problem that the plastic models of the 20th century had has not only been addressed but improved upon. Today’s skylights are made of specialty glass that won’t break or accumulate dirt. In fact, you’ll never have to worry about looking up and seeing that dingy, scratched surface.

The method of installation used today is guaranteed not to leak. Even the operational models – roof windows or venting skylights – have sensors that will close them if inclement weather threatens.

And, if you do opt for the venting models, you can operate them with the touch of a button on a slim, sleek remote control.

Skylights, Roof Windows and Sun Tunnels

Fixed skylights are ideal for those areas where you need extra illumination or prefer the soft look and feel of natural light.

They can open up any space, no matter what the size, and provide a contemporary look and feel. Velux Skylights are economical to add to any new or existing home or commercial space. They’re durable enough to withstand anything the Utah climate has to give, and they include the Velux no-leak guarantee.

Vented skylights and roof windows offer an even greater level of flexibility, providing natural air and space conditioning in addition to natural light. Choose from manually operated, hard-wired electrical or solar power, depending on the location and your preferences. These Velux products also include a no-leak guarantee and, if you choose the laminated glass option, they also include a hail protection assurance as well.

Venting skylights offer a unique combination of beauty, functionality and energy savings. With the ability to vent stale, warm air and draw in the fresh breezes, they serve to passively air condition your home. This will save countless dollars in energy costs and increase your home’s comfort all year long.

Velux Sun Tunnels are similar to the solar tubes you may remember, but feature a high-tech structure that brings natural sunlight into the darkest, most isolated spaces. With a low-profile ceiling diffuser that blends seamlessly into your décor, all you’ll notice is the soft, restful light that gently illuminates the room.

Built-In Shades for Skylights

One of the most popular features of modern skylights is the option for built-in skylight shades.

Most Velux skylights and roof windows offer the option of choosing integral pleated or flat shades or blinds. Available in blackout and light-filtering categories, these shades operate seamlessly and easily between the panes of glass. This means you’ll never need to clean them or handle them at all.

For both the electric and the solar-powered option, the shades operate with the same intuitive remote. You can choose from a variety of colors, to match your taste and décor.

Whatever your needs for windows, doors or skylights, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is Utah’s premier supplier and installer of the finest products available today. We offer products designed to fit any budget. With more than 25 years experience, call on Rocky Mountain Windows and Doors for all of your Utah skylights, doors and windows.


The following video demonstrates the value of choosing a vented or “Fresh Air” skylight over the fixed window variety.

Smokehouse Demonstration from veluxusa on Vimeo.