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Should Your New Windows Have Built-In Blinds?

When it comes to new windows, no single option is right for every northern Utah homeowner. That said, many people seem to prefer windows that feature built-in blinds – and they can be a worthwhile investment.

If you aren’t sure if you want to install windows with or without enclosed blinds, the Rocky Mountain team can help you compare the options and come to a decision. We’d be happy to work with you, but in the meantime, the following guide may answer some of your questions.

Replacement windows with blinds

How Windows with Built-In Blinds Work

Windows with enclosed blinds have two panes of glass. The blinds are mounted between the panes, and the glass is sealed to provide protection. Opening and adjusting the slats is easy – simply push a button on the remote.

A range of colors and fabrics is available, and depending upon the model you choose, you may be able to update the style later. Some manufacturers offer enclosed blinds that homeowners can easily swap out on their own.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Built-In Blinds

Windows that have enclosed blinds provide a more streamlined look than those with standard drapes, curtains or shades. As such, they make a sophisticated, modern design statement.

However, a streamlined aesthetic isn’t all built-in window treatments have to offer. They also make cleaning chores much easier. When blinds are trapped between two panes of glass, they don’t accumulate any dust. Plus, no one will be touching them, so you won’t have to worry about dirty fingerprints marring the fabric.

One other benefit of installing windows with enclosed blinds is that they provide privacy for a prolonged period of time. Built-in window treatments can’t get easily damaged by your children or pets, and they don’t blow around when it’s breezy. They’re really quite durable, and the control mechanism for enclosed blinds rarely fails.

Do Built-In Blinds Have any Drawbacks?

Windows with enclosed blinds do have one disadvantage – they aren’t as energy efficient as some other styles.

Many double-pane windows feature argon gas between the glass, but those with built-in blinds have regular air in this space. The reason for this is to provide easy operation. Argon gas is denser than air, and using it would make opening and closing the blinds too difficult.

With high-quality windows, the lack of argon gas enhancement has less of an impact on overall energy efficiency. But if you choose to go with built-in window treatments, you may not see big as big of savings on your home energy bills.

The professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors has decades of experience in window installation. We offer a vast array of top-rated products from leading manufacturers, all of which come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Turn to us, and we can help you decide whether or not your new windows should have built-in blinds. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our office in Orem, Utah, today.

Choosing New Patio Doors for Your Utah Home

If you’re planning to get new patio doors for your Utah home, you certainly don’t have to choose the same exact type you already have.

That may be an option, of course – and at the end of the day, you might decide to go that route. But, you’d be wise to consider the other possibilities, as you want to be happy with your new patio doors for many years to come. 

Utah patio door company

Give Thought to the Design of Your Patio Doors

A few different designs are available, and it can be helpful to visualize how each would work out in the room. The types of patio doors you have to choose from include:

Sliding Doors

The most popular style, glass sliding doors are both affordable and easy to operate. And since they don’t swing into the room when opened, they can be a smart option for small living spaces. Many homeowners also appreciate having doors that are essentially large windows, both for the view and for ventilation.

Swinging Doors

Also referred to as French patio doors, swinging doors can be designed to swing outside or into the room. Many styles feature multiple glass panels to provide an expansive view and maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your Utah home. You may also have the option of installing sidelights, and you can customize the hardware to coordinate with your interior décor.

Folding Doors

Picture an accordion, and you’ll understand how folding doors work. Installed on a track system, they open and fold to one side – and you can decide how many pairs of hinged panels are included and what style of hardware is used. The doors can span a small or large opening, and the wall of glass provides an amazing view.  

Research Your Frame Material Options

Whether you decide on sliding, swinging or folding doors, you have several frame material options.

Vinyl is durable and never fades, peels, warps or rots. It’s also energy efficient, and frames made of vinyl come in several colors and faux wood finishes.

Aluminum offers a high level of thermal performance, and you can choose frames that mimic the look of wood or customize the color to match your home’s interior.

Natural wood is gorgeous, and while the material requires a bit of upkeep, frames made of wood typically last a long time.

Wood-clad frames provide the warmth and beauty of natural wood, and the aluminum-clad exterior boosts efficiency and allows for easy maintenance.

Work with a Trusted Local Door Supplier

If you’re in the market for new patio doors, reach out to the professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

New patio doors are a major investment, and as a trusted northern Utah door supplier, we can help you choose the right type and design to meet your needs, fit your budget and suit the architectural style of your home. Let us help with your project, and you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your options for new patio doors, contact the Rocky Mountain team in Orem, Utah, today.

5 Simple Steps to Planning Your Window Replacement Project

Have you decided that now’s the right time for window replacement?

The home improvement project can provide you with several benefits, including lower energy costs, better security, improved comfort and a boost in curb appeal. Plus, when you replace your windows, the overall value of your home should rise. However, to make sure the investment pays off, you’ll need a plan of action. Here, the Rocky Mountain team explains the steps to planning a successful window replacement project. 

How much does window replacement cost?

Step 1: Evaluate Your Needs

Think about all of the reasons why you want to replace your windows, as your goals – which may be greater functionality, increased energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetic beauty or easier maintenance requirements – will serve as your guide. Consider, too, whether you need a whole home window replacement. In some cases, replacing just a few windows can make sense.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

Figure out how much you can afford to spend to get the replacement windows you need. Prices vary, and by setting a budget before you begin shopping, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options. Remember, though, that skimping on quality in order to save money isn’t likely to provide you with the means to achieve your project goals.

Step 3: Explore Your Options

Replacement windows with wood frames are the traditional choice, but many other options – such as vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum-clad wood frames – are also available. All come in a wide range of styles, so you can get the type you need in the material you prefer. High-quality windows can also be customized for improved performance and a better architectural fit with the look of your home. To benefit the most from window replacement, you’ll need to check out all of your options.

Step 4: Talk to Window Suppliers

Comparing the different materials and models of replacement windows and deciding which types to install can be a challenge on your own. Instead of tackling the research yourself, pick the brains of a few local window suppliers. You’re going to want to get a few project estimates anyway, and professional installers should be willing and able to answer your questions and point you toward products that are suited to your project goals.

Step 5: Choose the Right Contractor

Work with a local expert in window replacement, and your project should be relatively stress-free. As you get estimates from local window suppliers, confirm their credentials and installation experience. Ask for references, too, and don’t forget to ask about warranty coverage. Compare the bids you receive, but choose your Utah window replacement contractor wisely – if you automatically go with the lowest estimate, you may end up less than satisfied with the project outcome.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, serving homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area and along the Wasatch Front, is a leading northern Utah contractor known for exceptional workmanship, affordable pricing and stellar customer service. If you live in the region and are planning a window replacement project, contact our Orem office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Common Questions About Entry Doors

If you’re thinking about replacing your entry door, chances are you have at least a few concerns – and rightly so. Your entryway is the focal point of your northern Utah home, after all, and you want to make sure everyone who sees it has a great first impression.

Talking to a local professional is the best way to get expert advice on entry doors, and by scheduling a free consultation with the Rocky Mountain team, you can get precise answers to all of your questions. However, there are a few explanations we can offer right here.  

Utah exterior door supplier

What Types of Entryways Are Available?

Manufacturers offer dozens of styles, including single and double entry doors and models with sidelights and glass accents. And, by choosing a different finish, unique hardware and interesting decorative elements, you can personalize the appearance of your entryway.

Which Entry Door Material is Best?

When it comes to design flexibility and energy efficiency, fiberglass is considered to be one of the best options. That said, front doors made of steel, composite wood, and other materials can be smart choices – and the right material for your entryway depends upon your needs.

Which Direction Should Entry Doors Swing?

Most northern Utah homeowners choose a front door that swings inward, but that’s not the universally recommended option. An outswing door can be better when the interior entryway space is lacking, and some people prefer an outward swing for security reasons.

Where Should You Get Your Entry Doors?

Look for a local door supplier with a team of licensed and insured professional contractors and extensive experience in entryway installation. And, make sure the company you choose offers high-quality products with warranty coverage and a satisfaction guarantee.

How Much Does a New Entryway Cost?

Every project is unique, and costs vary depending upon door construction and the difficulty in installation. To get an idea of how much you’ll need to spend to get the entryway you want, you’ll need to get estimates from a few local Utah door suppliers.

How Long Does Entryway Installation Take?

Most professional contractors can replace an entryway in a single day, often in just a few hours. For complex projects and those involving the installation of multiple doors, however, getting the job done right may take a little longer.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, a locally owned and operated northern Utah company, has decades of experience working with homeowners in Salt Lake City, along the Wasatch Front and in the surrounding communities. We take good care of our customers, and we’d love to help you find the perfect way to update your entryway.

For a free, no-obligation consultation – and expert answers to your questions about entry doors – reach out to the Rocky Mountain team in Orem, Utah, today.

Vinyl Windows – Pros and Cons

Trying to decide if vinyl windows are the best option for your northern Utah home?

Choosing the right material for your new or replacement windows requires careful thought. Vinyl is quite popular among homeowners and builders, and it might just be ideal for you – but then again, not everyone loves vinyl frames.

The easiest way to make an informed decision is to speak with a trusted local window supplier. But, reading the following guide to the pros and cons of going with vinyl may help.

Vinyl window installer in Salt Lake City

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Windows framed with vinyl have several positives. The many reasons to choose the material include:

  • Cost Savings – When compared to wood, composite wood, fiberglass, aluminum and aluminum-clad wood, vinyl is the more economical option.
  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl has excellent insulating properties, and windows made of the material can keep your home comfortable while cutting your energy costs.
  • Durability – Window frames made of vinyl can last for decades as the material doesn’t rot, chip or peel, plus it’s highly resistant to mold.
  • Easy Maintenance – Other than an occasional cleaning of the glass and frames, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Quick Installation – Because vinyl frames are slightly flexible, installing them takes little time and, therefore, doesn’t result in high labor fees.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

With all of the benefits we mentioned above, you can see why vinyl is such a popular choice for new and replacement windows. So, why wouldn’t you want to go with this type of frame? When people choose another option, it’s usually for one of these two reasons:

  • Renovation Limitations Vinyl frames come in a wide array of beautiful baked-in colors, but since the material cannot be painted, making a color change means replacing the windows.
  • Environmental Impact – The production of vinyl has a significant effect on the environment, and while the material is recyclable, doing so can be both difficult and cost-prohibitive.

Should You Choose Vinyl Windows?

As with any home remodeling decision, you need to do your research. High-quality windows come with several different frame materials, and a reputable local supplier – like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – can help you compare all of your options and decide which type of frame is the right choice for your northern Utah home.

We represent many industry-leading manufacturers, including Milgard, JELD-WEN, AMSCO, Hy-Lite and WinDor Systems. We’ve been serving the greater Salt Lake City area for over 25 years, and we’re known for our outstanding customer care and fair, competitive pricing.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the pros and cons of vinyl windows with the Rocky Mountain team, contact our office in Orem, Utah, today.

Like Folding Doors? Check Out a Bi-Fold Exterior Door System

Folding doors, which are mounted on a track and feature pairs of hinged panels, are a favorite among northern Utah homeowners. Bi-fold exterior door systems can open up small spaces or span large openings, and the vast expanse of glass provides an incredible view. Plus, with all of the available customization options, the panels can complement any architectural and interior design style.

If you’re in the market for folding doors and want to make a smart investment, the Rocky Mountain team is here to help. When shopping for a bi-fold exterior door system, we recommend looking for the following.

Outdoor folding doors Utah

High-Quality Materials

Wood, wood-clad, aluminum and vinyl folding doors are available, all of which can be good choices – if, that is, they’re made by a reputable manufacturer.

Proper construction is crucial for strength and durability, and trusted brands like Panda Windows & Doors, JELD-WEN and WinDor systems use high-quality materials to create advanced bi-fold doors. The products they offer are both easy to operate and designed to last – and the same can’t be said for many lesser-known manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency

Installing a bi-fold door system is like replacing a regular wall with one made mostly of glass, which can be a concern in terms of energy performance and household comfort.

To reduce air transfer, provide insulation and keep home energy costs low, Utah homeowners need high-performance folding doors. Choosing glass with a low-emissivity coating or panels that feature argon gas enhancement can be beneficial, as can integrated blinds or shades. And for optimal energy efficiency, look for a bi-fold system with thermal breaks.

Watertight Threshold

Models designed with a weathered threshold have a bottom guide channel with a small lip. When closed, the panels compress against the lip to provide a watertight seal. Seamless bi-fold systems feature a fully recessed bottom track, which is ideal for those with mobility issues as it poses no trip-and-fall risk. They’re made to keep water out, but as they don’t provide as tight a seal as folding doors with a weathered threshold, they’re best for sheltered areas.

No one wants water to enter their home when it rains or snows. With the right folding doors, that won’t happen.

Do your research, and you can find a bi-fold exterior door system that looks great, protects your home and provides you with energy savings. Or, if you’d rather, you can skip the research and trust the Rocky Mountain team.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we offer a selection of premium folding doors that are ideally suited for northern Utah homes. Our bi-fold exterior door systems are of the finest quality, and we have products at a range of price points to accommodate any budget. And with us, you can expect nothing short of exceptional customer service. If you’re ready to shop for folding doors, contact our office in Orem, Utah, for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Getting Estimates from Local Window Suppliers

When you browse the websites of local window suppliers, you’ll notice that very few – if any — have prices listed. Why is this? Shouldn’t you be able to get a quick and easy online estimate for replacement windows?

The fact is, having an experienced contractor visit your home or business is the best way to get an accurate estimate for window replacement. Several factors go into the overall cost of the project, not just the price of the products you choose. Here, we explain why window suppliers prefer in-person consultations.

Best Utah window suppliers for homes

Window Prices

According to, the well-known and trusted online information marketplace, the cost of a single replacement window can run anywhere from $85 to upwards of $2,500.

How can there be such a huge difference? Frame material plays a major role, as does the quality of construction. And, energy-efficient windows cost more than those without insulating properties.

The right products for your home or business may not be the lowest priced, but a trusted local window supplier can explain your options and help you find a budget-friendly solution.

Labor Costs

Window suppliers charge labor costs, as you likely expect. However, the amount you’ll pay for the work of installing your replacement windows depends upon the complexity of the project.

Your labor charges will be higher if the installation takes a great deal of finesse, which may be the case if yours is a historic property or if the work area is difficult to access. As a general rule, the longer the job takes, the more labor will run.

For an accurate estimate of how much you’ll have to budget for the work to be done, you’ll need an onsite consultation with a reputable window supplier. Labor costs really can’t be determined without a visit to your home or business.

Schedule a Free Consultation with the Rocky Mountain Team

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, a trusted northern Utah industry leader since 1994, offers free consultations to homeowners and businesses throughout the region. We can come out to your property and provide you with an estimate for window replacement – and with us, you won’t feel pressured to make a commitment.

We make customer service a priority, and the Rocky Mountain team is happy to answer questions and offer advice. Plus, unlike many of our competitors, we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee for all of our professional services.

You might like the idea of getting an easy online estimate, but we promise meeting with our team is well worth your time. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a northern Utah window supplier you can trust, contact us today.

Are Fiberglass Doors the Right Choice for Your Utah Home?

In the last several years, fiberglass doors have grown to become a top choice among northern Utah homeowners. More and more people are replacing their old front doors with models made of fiberglass – but why? And should you go the same route?

The best way to decide what type of entry system is right for you is to speak with a reputable local door supplier, as they can guide you in comparing all of your options. In the meantime, reading the following guide may be helpful.

Fiberglass exterior doors pros and cons

Why Utah Homeowners Go For Fiberglass Doors

The unique attributes of fiberglass makes it great for front doors. The reasons people prefer it over other entry system materials include:

Longevity – Fiberglass is incredibly durable, and doors made of the material never rot, split, rust or warp. Install one today, and it can remain standing strong for many decades to come.

Efficiency – Fiberglass reduces air loss and thermal transfer better than most other door materials. As such, choosing this type of entry system results in improved home comfort and lower monthly energy bills.

Security – The construction of a front door is just as important in terms of security as the hardware used. Fiberglass is exceptionally strong, and some entry system manufacturers offer models with built-in reinforced steel plates.

Maintenance – Keeping the material looking its best is as simple as giving the surface an occasional wipe down. No staining or painting is needed, making this type of entry system one of the easiest to maintain.

Versatility – Fiberglass doors come in hundreds of designs, including options that look like real wood. Decorative glass panels and unique hardware can be added to make a style statement, and the entry system can be designed to match your Utah home.

Why Fiberglass Doors May Not Be Right for You

With the many benefits of fiberglass, it’s easy to see why the material is such a popular choice. That said, not all Utah homeowners decide to install this type of entry system. Their reasons include:

Cost – These front doors aren’t as expensive as models made of certain species of wood, but they are among the more high-priced options.

Sizing – Trimming fiberglass is quite difficult, so the material is generally recommended only for standard-size front doors.

Installation – Entry systems made of fiberglass come as fully framed units, and installing them properly requires professional expertise.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Doors

As we mentioned, speaking with a local door supplier is the best way to explore your entry system options. If you’d like expert assistance comparing fiberglass to the other available materials, reach out to the Rocky Mountain team.

Based in Orem, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors serves homeowners in Salt Lake City, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are always happy to answer questions and offer advice. Contact us and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss fiberglass doors today!

Will Window Installation Leave You with a Mess?

If we’re being honest, we have to say that window installation can be a bit of a messy project.

When you hire experienced professional installers – like the team here at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – you can expect the crew to keep the debris to a minimum. But, there’s no denying that you’ll have a few tasks to complete after the installation work is done. To make everything as easy as possible, take the following steps before the installers arrive.

Utah window installer

Prepare Your Windows for Replacement

Curtains and blinds will be in the way during window installation, so they’ll need to come down. The crew can handle this job, but why not take this opportunity to clean your window coverings? That way, once the installers leave, you’ll be ready to quickly put them back in place.

Also, if your home has a security system, contact the company. Arrange for someone to disable and remove the window sensors before your installation and for the replacement of the sensors when the work is complete.

Create Space to Work Inside Your Home

Some of the window installation work will need to be completed from inside your home. Move any furniture and decorative accessories out of the way, and cover it all with drop cloths or plastic sheets as a safeguard against dust.

In addition, make sure the installers have a clear path from your front or back door to the areas where you’re replacing windows. Give the crew plenty of room to get the necessary work done, and the project will reach completion much faster.

Clear Your Yard and Protect Your Plants

Much of the time during your window installation, the crew will be working outside of your home. If you have any lawn furniture, kids’ toys or grilling equipment close to the house, move them elsewhere to create space and allow for the placement of ladders and scaffolding.

While you’re out in the yard, give thought to your plants. Professional installers aren’t going to trample through your gardens, but accidental damage could occur. To help prevent this and protect your plantings, mark them off with brightly colored flags.

Trust the Team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors

Homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah have been relying on our professional team for window installation for more than 25 years. We offer high-quality products and services at affordable prices, and we take great care to never leave our customers with a mess. With us, you can count on outstanding workmanship and complete satisfaction with the results.

For a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for residential window installation, contact Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors in Orem, Utah, today.

How to Choose Decorative Glass Panels for Exterior Doors

Exterior doors that feature decorative glass panels can be absolutely gorgeous, the perfect addition to any northern Utah home.

If you’re thinking about replacing your front door and want an entryway that wows, going with a custom design that incorporates ornamental glass can accomplish that goal. But how do you choose the right look, one that complements the architectural style of your home and suits your personality?

Making a decision on decorative glass panels for your exterior doors may not be easy. To help you figure out the best option for updating your entryway, consider the following details.

Understand Your Decorative Glass Options

While many ornamental glass panel styles may be available across all of the exterior doors your supplier offers, certain options might be limited to specific products. Therefore, once you’ve decided on a material or design for your entryway, ask which types of decorative glass you have to choose from.

Consider the Caming and Overall Design

Caming, or the metal framework used to separate sections of ornamental glass panels, isn’t just functional. Chosen wisely, caming has much to offer in terms of aesthetics. You can match the color to your exterior door hardware, and the design of the framework can add an eye-catching decorative touch.

Determine the Level of Privacy You Want

If you’re not concerned about anyone seeing inside your home, clear beveled glass panels can be beautiful. For more privacy, you can select from a range of frosted, hammered and patterned glass. Colored glass accents are also an option for exterior doors, and many panel designs offer a combination of clear, patterned and colored glass.

Choosing the Perfect Exterior Doors for Your Home

When you narrow down your decorative glass options, deciding on a new front door will be easier. However, you may still have a few favorites – and choosing between them could be quite the challenge.

Our advice? Do your shopping with a local door supplier instead of heading online or turning to the closest national chain. Locally owned businesses are often willing to go the extra mile to help their customers and ensure complete satisfaction. Here at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re always happy to answer questions and offer advice on entryway updates.

A trusted northern Utah door supplier, we’ve been serving homeowners in Salt Lake City, along the Wasatch Front and in the surrounding communities for more than 25 years. We offer a vast selection of high-quality products from highly regarded manufacturers – including GlassCraft, JELD-WEN, Simpson and WinDor Systems – and when you shop with us, you get an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on our decorative glass panels for entryways, or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with the region’s leading exterior door supplier, contact Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.