Wood Exterior Doors

Wood exterior doors look as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. Prized for their natural beauty, no other exterior door material improves the value and curb appeal of your home as effectively – or as stunningly.


Benefits of Wood Doors

These doors are the gold standard for homeowners all across the United States. Although some alternative materials come close, nothing else can truly duplicate the beauty and richness of this natural material.

They can be stained or painted in color you like, so you can match the architectural style of your home as well as your personal preferences. And, if you change the color of your house, the door’s color can also be changed as often as you feel inclined.

Unlike other materials, wood exterior doors can be planed or sanded to make small adjustments at installation. This is perfect for older homes and installations where you don’t want to replace the existing frame.

Wood Door Exterior Options

You can choose from many different species, including pine, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak and more. You can choose your stain color or, if you choose a paint-grade door, your paint color.

You can choose virtually any design, from rustic and heavy to sleek and modern. Hardware and light (window) options can help you further customize your selection, making it unique to your home.

Many manufacturers offer prefinished options that are coated in durable polyurethane, to help prolong the finish and condition of the door. These coatings help prevent the wood from absorbing moisture and becoming warped or swollen.

Best Uses of Wood Exterior Doors

This material is ideal for use at your home’s front entry and, if you prefer, wood doors can be used for secondary doors at the back patio as well as side access doors.

Anywhere you have an exterior door, you can make it a wood exterior door.