High-End Glass Sliding Doors in Utah

In Utah, sliding doors are the gold standard for architecturally styled openings, in both residential and commercial applications.

Lift and slide doors in Utah

Also known as liftslides, lift and slide doors create a substantial glass wall system that operates using a single, innocuous rail. The flexibility of design lends itself to virtually any style or configuration you can imagine.

In Northern Utah, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors represents some of the finest door manufacturers and product lines available today. Our products are the choice of architects, designers and discerning homeowners throughout the Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front.

Live the Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle with Lift and Slide Doors

The unique design and engineering of lifting and sliding door systems allow for dazzlingly large installations. For your soaring or panoramic views, these window wall systems virtually disappear – whether they are open or closed.

Today’s lifestyle of choice – especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in Utah – moves seamlessly between indoors and out. Lift and slides tuck away undetected, effectively expanding your home to encompass the world beyond.

For those times when you prefer to be insulated away from unpleasant or extreme weather conditions, your seamless view will remain as expansive and uninterrupted as if the doors were thrown wide open.

Simple, Efficient Operation

Despite their massive scale, strength and substance, the sliding doors we install in Utah homes are operated with a single leverage handle.

When the leverage handle is engaged, it activates an exclusively designed gasket seal system at the top and bottom of the door. Many of our door systems move on an unobtrusive, low-profile floor rail while others offer a flush or recessed option for installation.

The lift and slide panels stack or fold onto themselves, shrinking to a single-lite appearance or tucking neatly and invisibly away in a pocket system. These door systems are ideal for any opening configuration, including rounded and radius designs.

Choose the Design You Love

You can select from a variety of wood types, finishes and colors for your door system. Whether you prefer a wood-clad style or a wood and aluminum design, each of our lift and slide lines is energy efficient and sound-dampening.

The European-inspired design of liftslides features high-end hardware and design options. Single-lite panels are a popular choice but you can choose to add mullions for an instant transition in architectural style.

With multiple locking points and certified lock mechanisms, our high-end sliding door systems in Utah provide an exceptional level of protection and safety.

In the Salt Lake City area, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is your premier locally-owned window and door contractor. Customer satisfaction and exceptional quality are our passion. Every project receives our individual attention from estimate to completion.

We specialize in new construction as well as replacement doors, skylights and window systems.