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How to Choose a Utah Door Supplier

Are you remodeling your Utah home? A quick search for door suppliers will provide you with a seemingly endless list of sources for new entryways. Since so many companies supply interior and exterior doors, deciding where to get yours may not be easy.

You need a reliable door supplier who can meet your needs. To narrow down the list and choose a company to assist with your remodeling project, take the following factors into account.

Door company in Salt Lake City

Available Services

First of all, think about what services you require from your Utah door contractor. Some companies only sell interior and exterior doors – and if you want a professional to handle the installation, you’ll need to turn elsewhere. In addition, not every supplier offers delivery and repair services. Therefore, before browsing a company’s selection of doors, you’d be wise to look at the services they provide.

Variety of Brands

Whether you know what type of entryway you want or not, you’ll want to choose a Utah door supplier who offers many different brands. The greater the diversity of products, the better, as that makes finding interior and exterior doors that perfectly meet your needs much easier. With a contractor that promotes a single manufacturer, you may have to settle for less-than-ideal options.

Company Reputation

Reading what former customers have said about a door supplier is to your benefit, as reviews can help you determine whether or not a company is a suitable choice. A good reputation is like a warranty, assuring you of the quality of the products and services offered. To make sure a contractor is worthy of consideration, go the extra mile by asking for references and taking the time to contact the customers.

Why Choose a Local Door Supplier?

You could get new interior or exterior doors from a national chain operator, but you may want to consider local door suppliers. With a locally-owned company – like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors in Orem, Utah – you can count on having a superior customer experience. Small businesses have more at stake than big-box stores, so they make a greater effort to make sure their customers are satisfied.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we have a vast array of high-quality interior and exterior doors from many of the world’s finest manufacturers. We offer sales, installation and repair services, and our team handles every remodeling project with extreme care. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service – and we even offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

The Rocky Mountain team works with homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah. For more information on our affordably priced entryway products, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the region’s leading local door supplier, contact us today.

Are High-Quality Windows Worth the Cost?

High-quality windows can be affordable, but they do fall toward the higher end of the price scale. And if you’re in the market for new windows, you may wonder if the cost is worthy of paying.

The simple answer is yes – investing in top-of-the-line windows pays off in several ways. Here, the Rocky Mountain team explains why windows of the highest quality from industry-leading manufacturers are well worth the cost.

Choosing the best windows for your home

Energy Savings

High-quality windows are incredibly energy efficient, much more so than cheaper models. After installation, you won’t need your furnace or air conditioner to run nearly as often – and that translates to big savings in the form of lower monthly energy bills.

Boost in Property Value

Install top-quality windows, and you can look forward to a higher property value – and that means you can recoup a great deal of the cost when you sell your home. If you’re not planning to move anytime soon, you’ll benefit by building equity.

UV Ray Protection

Another way premium windows pay off has to do with the textiles in your home. Ultraviolet light degrades upholstered furniture, carpeting and curtains – and premium brands offer exceptional UV ray protection, keeping your belongings from fading.

Improved Home Comfort

When you install windows of the highest quality in your home, you’ll notice that your living spaces are much more comfortable. They’ll be toasty warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer – and you won’t have to worry about drafts.

Increased Safety

Top-quality windows have impressive safety features. The latest models have highly secure locks that block intruders from entering your home, but are simple enough for your family to operate from the inside should you need to make an emergency exit.

High-Quality Windows for Utah Homes

When it comes to new windows, quality matters a great deal – and like other products, the better the quality, the higher the cost. However, you can find affordable models right here at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

We offer a range of top-quality windows at every price point, and we’ll help you find an option that meets your budget. With products from many of the world’s finest manufacturers – including Milgard, GlassCraft, JELD-WEN, Hy-Lite and AMSCO – we’re sure to have windows to suit your Utah home.

Our professional team has more than 25 years of industry experience, and we work hard to maintain our reputation for outstanding workmanship and superior customer service. Plus, every product we install comes at a fair, competitive price and with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss high-quality new or replacement windows for your northern Utah home, contact us online or reach out to our Orem office today.

Hardware Options for High-Quality Doors

High-quality doors come in many different styles, with unique features that can boost both the beauty and the value of your northern Utah home.

Today’s residential doors offer flexibility in design, and you’ll have the choice of material, finish and decorative elements, such as glass panels and dentil shelves. Hardware for high-quality doors is also customizable, allowing you to create secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing entryways. Here, the Rocky Mountain team explains the various hardware options.

Which door hardware should you choose

Knobs and Levers

Round doorknobs are a classic choice for both interior and exterior doors, and because they twist to open, knobs make it easy to childproof.

Lever handles are easier to operate, with no grabbing or twisting. As such, levers can be a better option for those with arthritis or compromised hand strength.

For the exterior, entrance handle sets offer an impressive touch. Full-plate and two-piece sets are available, with models featuring either round doorknobs or lever handles.


Keyed entry knobs and levers are typically used with exterior doors. Entering from the outside requires a key, and the inside has a turn- or push-button lock.

High-quality doors can also be outfitted with electronic locks that open after inputting a numeric code or reading a thumbprint. Most include backup keys, and some electronic locksets unlock in the presence of a key fob or registered smartphone.


Residential butt hinges are popular for exterior and interior doors. When closed, only the pin and joints remain visible. For heavier doors, however, lubricated ball bearing hinges allow for smoother and easier operation.

Spring hinges can be ideal for a back door or one leading to a garage, as they automatically come to a close once opened. In kitchens and dining rooms, doors featuring double-action spring hinges provide effortless access by swinging open from both directions.

Door Hardware Finishes

Homeowners have the choice of an array of hardware finishes. From polished chrome and satin nickel to matte black and more, the finish of the handles, hinges and locksets can easily compliment or even help define the look of any home.

Some finishes – including oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze and polished brass — can change over time. Be aware, too, that while different manufacturers may use the same finish name, that doesn’t guarantee an exact match.

The professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors supplies, installs and replaces doors for homes and businesses throughout northern Utah. We offer top-quality products from Simpson, Masonite, Lemieux, Krosswood and several other fine manufacturers. And we’d be happy to help you explore your hardware options.

For more information on our high-quality doors, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

Choosing a Replacement Window for Over the Kitchen Sink

When you know exactly what type of replacement windows you want, planning a kitchen renovation project is much easier.

Window suppliers offer a vast range of styles and options for over the kitchen sink. But while this means you can find one that perfectly meets your needs in terms of form, function and price, it also means that doing so may be quite a challenge. If you could use some assistance in making a selection, reading the following guide may help.

Utah window replacement contractor

Considerations in Choosing an Over-Sink Kitchen Window

While personal preference should play a large role in your decisions on kitchen renovations, you need to be practical. To narrow down your replacement window options, look for models with these qualities:

  • Easy operation – With the kitchen sink between you and the window, opening and closing it could be tricky.
  • Air circulation – Whether you’re working at the sink or elsewhere in the kitchen, you may appreciate having a source of fresh air.
  • Aesthetic value – You’ll want a replacement window that is visually appealing, from both the inside and the outside of your home.

In addition, you may need to consider the available wall space. Going with a larger size or different style than what’s currently in place could impact the amount of room you have for upper cabinets and kitchen storage.

Best Replacement Window Options for Over the Kitchen Sink

Now that you know what to look for in an over-sink replacement window, you can consider the styles that are best suited for the spot. A few of our top picks include:

  • Sliding window – A classic single-hung or double-hung style offers good ventilation, and the smooth track allows for simple operation.
  • Casement window – The crank handle is easy to reach and operate, and casements offer impressive air circulation.
  • Awning window – Hinging at the top and tilting open from the bottom, this style can provide fresh air even when it’s raining.
  • Garden window – The oversized sill serves as a miniature greenhouse, where sun-loving houseplants and herbs can thrive.

Schedule a Consultation with a Trusted Local Window Supplier

Whether you’ve decided what you want or still aren’t sure which type of replacement window is best, your next step is to consult with a local supplier known for affordable pricing and top-notch customer service. In Salt Lake City and the surrounding northern Utah area, that’s Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

We’re licensed and insured, and we’ve been working with homeowners in the region for more than 25 years. We have an extensive selection of premium products from industry leading manufactures – including JELD-WEN, GlassCraft, Milgard and Amsco – and every window we install comes with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Would you like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and obtain expert advice on choosing the right replacement window for over your kitchen sink? Reach out to the Rocky Mountain team online or contact our office in Orem, Utah, today.

Patio Door Selection: Hinged Door Basics and Types

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on sliding patio doors and why you might consider purchasing them. One of two common patio door types, sliding doors compare in several ways with hinged patio doors, and are often the final two options homeowners choose between for their patio entryway.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re happy to provide a wide range of both these door options, from sliding choices like the multi-slide door to hinged selections like the folding door and several others. Today’s part two of our series will look at the hinged door and its varieties, plus give a final word on choosing between these two broad styles.

patio door hinged types

Hinged Door Basics

Of the two options, the hinged patio door is the more classic and traditional choice. They are hinged at their sides rather than running on a track, allowing them to swing either in or out depending on the other components of your space.

Generally speaking, hinged patio doors will come with either two operable doors that swing from both sides or a single hinged door. They can be crafted into several design styles, including those that are a bit more modern if this matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Hinged Door Types

There are a few options for hinged patio doors available:

  • Single-hinged: A single door panel that’s often used as a format entrance, or may link to a sunroom, deck or similar area. In many cases, a single-hinged patio door will be paired up with a large window or two to create a glass-wall aesthetic, one that opens up the space and makes it feel larger. Hinged doors will come with either a left or right sidelight, or both if you choose.
  • Double-hinged: These options feature two panels that swing open from the center, often called French patio doors (not to be confused with sliding French options, which we went over in part one). These are both versatile and dramatic, with the option of an in-swing or out-swing depending on your needs.
  • Folding: The folding, or bifold, patio door is one that’s both efficient and durable. It’s a multi-panel door that folds and stacks neatly to the side, blending the environment perfectly between outside and inside.

Making Your Choice

For traditional homes, hinged patio doors tend to be the more common choice; for modern homes, the sliding door is a staple. However, your choice will really come down to which you prefer and how your choice complements areas like aesthetics, functionality and overall home décor. Our pros will be happy to answer any questions about either style to guide you in the right direction.

For more on choosing between sliding and hinged patio doors, or to learn about any of our door replacements, window installation or skylight services, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.

Patio Door Selection: Sliding Door Options and Benefits

For those considering them, patio doors offer numerous benefits, from high function to a fantastic access point between the home’s interior and exterior. Two common types of patio doors that are often compared against one another for this purpose: Hinged and sliding patio doors.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re happy to offer a wide range of patio door options, from sliding selections like multi-slide doors to hinged options like the folding door and several others. How do these two types compare, and which should you prioritize for your new patio door installation? This two-part blog series will dig into these areas, starting with the sliding door first.

patio door selection sliding

Sliding Patio Doors

The more contemporary and modern option of these two tends to be the sliding patio door, which as the name suggests operates by sliding open and closed along a basic track. Sliding patio doors will come with two glass panels: One that’s stationary and does not move on a side of the door that will not open, and the other that slides open and closed.

In addition, many sliding patio doors will include a sliding screen. This screen, which typically opens and closes on a parallel track to the actual door, helps keep bugs out while still allowing for a nice breeze and exposure to the outdoors.

French Versus Multi-Slide

There are a few varieties of sliding door out there, and two of the most common are French and multi-slide:

  • French: While they aren’t quite as common as multi-slide options, French patio doors combine convenience with fine detail. They have a French door look with wider stiles and rails, but function as a sliding door.
  • Multi-slide: These doors have expansive panels that easily slide open, plus stack up against one another or tuck away out of sight into a wall pocket. Panels can either travel to one side or part in the middle if you desire.

Saving Space

For many, the primary benefit of sliding patio doors compared to other types is the space that’s saved. Especially for smaller areas, the fact that these doors stack up against one another or tuck away in a wall pocket makes a huge difference in maximizing the space you have available, both for aesthetics and practical needs.

For larger areas, these doors still do very well. They offer the option to add an extra panel or two and expand the opening, if you have enough room, something many homeowners do to increase their natural light that enters the home.

For more on choosing the ideal patio door, or to learn about any of our high-end doors or window installation services, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.

More Window Options for Ideal Home Views

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most popular window styles for those who want to prioritize the view from inside their home or building. While there are numerous window types out there, several are known to be great for your ability to not only open and close the window, but also obtain great visual aesthetics.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re here to help. We offer a huge range of window installation and window replacement options, from casement windows to corner windows, arched options and numerous other new window choices. What are some of the other unique window types that are often ideal for homeowners who put a premium on view? Here are some of the best options.

window options home views


A fixed window, also known in many circles as a picture window, refers to a type that is not meant to open or close at all. It’s purely aesthetic in nature, helping light enter the space while providing interior room complements in many formats.

And because there are no moving parts you have to deal with, fixed windows are often ideal for those who want to open up their views. These windows can be much larger than many other types, without the kind of visual restrictions operational windows come with – cranks, handles and locks, just to name a few. For those who already have functional windows and don’t need any more ventilation, this option might be ideal.


Are you looking for a wrap-around view type? Consider corner windows, which can bend around corners as the name suggests. These are highly popular in modern home styles today, including new builds looking for sleek architecture.


Another angle-related option: The geometric window, which refers to an octagonal or another specially-shaped window that utilizes the angle of your ceiling, staircase or another home area. Speak to our team about which geometric options might do well within your home, given both your interior design and your view desires.

Bay and Bow

Corner windows aren’t the only option when it comes to panoramic windows that curve around corners. Bay and bow windows are another great choice here, creating their own little nook where you not only install curved windows, but also a small nook that usually serves as a sitting area (it can have other purposes too). These window types are fantastic for both interior design and your outdoor view, plus are known to provide fantastic return on investment for those who prioritize their home’s property value.

For more on the windows to consider if you’re looking to prioritize a great view, or to learn about any of our windows, high-end doors, skylights or other services, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.

Top Window Options for a Great View

Like many other primary features of a home or building, quality windows serve multiple purposes at once. Different home or building owners might prioritize these slightly differently, from those who care most about protection or temperature control to those who are most interested in aesthetics or even the views provided by windows on a given property.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re here to provide numerous window installation and replacement services, with a huge variety of window styles and materials available depending on your needs and desires. Among the wide range of popular window designs out there today, which are best for those who prioritize their view from within their home or building? This two-part blog series will look at several good options if you fit this bill.

window options great view


The casement window describes a type that works similarly to a door in many ways. It’s attached only by hinges on one side, allowing it to swing open and closed easily. It can open either outward or inward, though most open outward.

For a perfect combination of performance and views, these are often the ideal option. Their opening format allows them to clear your view very easily, but they’re also practically simple and very easy to repair or maintain. They can also be installed side-by-side to allow for expanded views.


When it comes to operating windows, sliding windows are some of the largest options available today. They come with a fixed pane that stays in place, plus another that moves horizontally to open and close the window. They come with minimal blockages and numerous style options, allowing for your interior aesthetic to be perfect while your exterior views remain uninterrupted.

Single- or Double-Hung

The double-hung window is a classic style, one where both an upper and lower sash are operational. One of the primary benefits here is slimmer lines and larger panels of glass, though these also provide fantastic efficiency.

Single-hung windows are similar, but with only the bottom sash operating. These offer many of the same visual benefits, plus are great for efficiency and bring a classic interior aesthetic.


The awning window describes a type that involves a horizontal orientation. Most often found in rooms like bathrooms or walk-in closets, these allow for a great outdoor view while maintaining strong privacy. They’re usually placed at eye level and typically won’t be visible from the outside in, with hinges at the top that allow for the window to swing either way. They’re also ideal for bathroom ventilation.

For more on the best window styles with views in mind, or to learn about any of our windows, skylights, high-end doors or other services, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.

Should Your New Windows Have Built-In Blinds?

When it comes to new windows, no single option is right for every northern Utah homeowner. That said, many people seem to prefer windows that feature built-in blinds – and they can be a worthwhile investment.

If you aren’t sure if you want to install windows with or without enclosed blinds, the Rocky Mountain team can help you compare the options and come to a decision. We’d be happy to work with you, but in the meantime, the following guide may answer some of your questions.

Replacement windows with blinds

How Windows with Built-In Blinds Work

Windows with enclosed blinds have two panes of glass. The blinds are mounted between the panes, and the glass is sealed to provide protection. Opening and adjusting the slats is easy – simply push a button on the remote.

A range of colors and fabrics is available, and depending upon the model you choose, you may be able to update the style later. Some manufacturers offer enclosed blinds that homeowners can easily swap out on their own.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Built-In Blinds

Windows that have enclosed blinds provide a more streamlined look than those with standard drapes, curtains or shades. As such, they make a sophisticated, modern design statement.

However, a streamlined aesthetic isn’t all built-in window treatments have to offer. They also make cleaning chores much easier. When blinds are trapped between two panes of glass, they don’t accumulate any dust. Plus, no one will be touching them, so you won’t have to worry about dirty fingerprints marring the fabric.

One other benefit of installing windows with enclosed blinds is that they provide privacy for a prolonged period of time. Built-in window treatments can’t get easily damaged by your children or pets, and they don’t blow around when it’s breezy. They’re really quite durable, and the control mechanism for enclosed blinds rarely fails.

Do Built-In Blinds Have any Drawbacks?

Windows with enclosed blinds do have one disadvantage – they aren’t as energy efficient as some other styles.

Many double-pane windows feature argon gas between the glass, but those with built-in blinds have regular air in this space. The reason for this is to provide easy operation. Argon gas is denser than air, and using it would make opening and closing the blinds too difficult.

With high-quality windows, the lack of argon gas enhancement has less of an impact on overall energy efficiency. But if you choose to go with built-in window treatments, you may not see big as big of savings on your home energy bills.

The professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors has decades of experience in window installation. We offer a vast array of top-rated products from leading manufacturers, all of which come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Turn to us, and we can help you decide whether or not your new windows should have built-in blinds. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our office in Orem, Utah, today.

Choosing New Patio Doors for Your Utah Home

If you’re planning to get new patio doors for your Utah home, you certainly don’t have to choose the same exact type you already have.

That may be an option, of course – and at the end of the day, you might decide to go that route. But, you’d be wise to consider the other possibilities, as you want to be happy with your new patio doors for many years to come. 

Utah patio door company

Give Thought to the Design of Your Patio Doors

A few different designs are available, and it can be helpful to visualize how each would work out in the room. The types of patio doors you have to choose from include:

Sliding Doors

The most popular style, glass sliding doors are both affordable and easy to operate. And since they don’t swing into the room when opened, they can be a smart option for small living spaces. Many homeowners also appreciate having doors that are essentially large windows, both for the view and for ventilation.

Swinging Doors

Also referred to as French patio doors, swinging doors can be designed to swing outside or into the room. Many styles feature multiple glass panels to provide an expansive view and maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your Utah home. You may also have the option of installing sidelights, and you can customize the hardware to coordinate with your interior décor.

Folding Doors

Picture an accordion, and you’ll understand how folding doors work. Installed on a track system, they open and fold to one side – and you can decide how many pairs of hinged panels are included and what style of hardware is used. The doors can span a small or large opening, and the wall of glass provides an amazing view.  

Research Your Frame Material Options

Whether you decide on sliding, swinging or folding doors, you have several frame material options.

Vinyl is durable and never fades, peels, warps or rots. It’s also energy efficient, and frames made of vinyl come in several colors and faux wood finishes.

Aluminum offers a high level of thermal performance, and you can choose frames that mimic the look of wood or customize the color to match your home’s interior.

Natural wood is gorgeous, and while the material requires a bit of upkeep, frames made of wood typically last a long time.

Wood-clad frames provide the warmth and beauty of natural wood, and the aluminum-clad exterior boosts efficiency and allows for easy maintenance.

Work with a Trusted Local Door Supplier

If you’re in the market for new patio doors, reach out to the professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

New patio doors are a major investment, and as a trusted northern Utah door supplier, we can help you choose the right type and design to meet your needs, fit your budget and suit the architectural style of your home. Let us help with your project, and you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your options for new patio doors, contact the Rocky Mountain team in Orem, Utah, today.