Choosing New Patio Doors for Your Utah Home

If you’re planning to get new patio doors for your Utah home, you certainly don’t have to choose the same exact type you already have.

That may be an option, of course – and at the end of the day, you might decide to go that route. But, you’d be wise to consider the other possibilities, as you want to be happy with your new patio doors for many years to come. 

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Give Thought to the Design of Your Patio Doors

A few different designs are available, and it can be helpful to visualize how each would work out in the room. The types of patio doors you have to choose from include:

Sliding Doors

The most popular style, glass sliding doors are both affordable and easy to operate. And since they don’t swing into the room when opened, they can be a smart option for small living spaces. Many homeowners also appreciate having doors that are essentially large windows, both for the view and for ventilation.

Swinging Doors

Also referred to as French patio doors, swinging doors can be designed to swing outside or into the room. Many styles feature multiple glass panels to provide an expansive view and maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your Utah home. You may also have the option of installing sidelights, and you can customize the hardware to coordinate with your interior décor.

Folding Doors

Picture an accordion, and you’ll understand how folding doors work. Installed on a track system, they open and fold to one side – and you can decide how many pairs of hinged panels are included and what style of hardware is used. The doors can span a small or large opening, and the wall of glass provides an amazing view.  

Research Your Frame Material Options

Whether you decide on sliding, swinging or folding doors, you have several frame material options.

Vinyl is durable and never fades, peels, warps or rots. It’s also energy efficient, and frames made of vinyl come in several colors and faux wood finishes.

Aluminum offers a high level of thermal performance, and you can choose frames that mimic the look of wood or customize the color to match your home’s interior.

Natural wood is gorgeous, and while the material requires a bit of upkeep, frames made of wood typically last a long time.

Wood-clad frames provide the warmth and beauty of natural wood, and the aluminum-clad exterior boosts efficiency and allows for easy maintenance.

Work with a Trusted Local Door Supplier

If you’re in the market for new patio doors, reach out to the professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

New patio doors are a major investment, and as a trusted northern Utah door supplier, we can help you choose the right type and design to meet your needs, fit your budget and suit the architectural style of your home. Let us help with your project, and you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your options for new patio doors, contact the Rocky Mountain team in Orem, Utah, today.