Use French Doors to Update Your Home’s Style & Ambiance

Adding French doors to your home is an easy and affordable way to enhance the style and appearance of any interior space. But this popular upgrade also offers a myriad of practical benefits as well.

French Doors to Update your home's style & Ambiance

These doors can make your home appear larger, lighter and brighter, allowing you to define spaces while still allowing light to flow through. French-style doors add grace and elegance, improving the appearance and livability of your home.

And, because you can choose virtually any size, style and design you like, you can customize your doors to suit any space.

What Are French Doors?

Although this term is commonly used by homeowners and industry professionals, what we’re really talking about are glass panel doors. Although you can choose a single door, usually we refer to a pair as “French doors.

The glass normally spans most of the door surface. And, although the glass is often a single, uninterrupted pane, it can also be broken up into individual panes or “lites.”

You have an almost limitless range of choices for interior French doors, including different wood species, panel designs, finish options and glass types. You can select a standard hinged style, bi-fold designs, pivot operation and even pocket style designs.

Where Can You Use French Doors in Your Home?

When used inside your home, this door design offers privacy and a way to separate or close off a space while still maintaining visual and light flow.

Some of the most common applications include home offices, craft rooms, kids playrooms, media rooms, utility rooms and for separating the dining room from the living room. However, you are limited only by your imagination.

If you want more privacy, you can add frosted or textured glass, window coverings or even integral blinds.

How to Choose the Right French Doors to Achieve Your Goals

You can choose standard sizes and designs to fit an existing opening or you can order a custom size and configuration to fit almost any space.

To choose the right design for your home, consider your design preferences, available space and budget. Do you prefer a natural wood tone or do you want to paint the new doors to match your existing interior design and color palette?

Do you have room for the doors to swing in your preferred direction? If so, you can choose a standard hinged design. If your space is limited, you can choose a pocket, sliding (“barn door”) or bi-fold design.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors offers a variety of glass panel door options from manufacturers like JELD-WEN and Woodgrain Doors. We can show you your options and help you select the ideal designs for your home. We will measure your door openings by hand and ensure that your order is custom fabricated to fit perfectly. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and price quote for adding French doors to your Utah home.