Lift & Slide Door Installation Options

Lift and slide door installation is becoming more and more popular throughout northern Utah, and for good reason – adding a glass wall system not only offers an expansive, unobstructed view of the great outdoors, but also allows for a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. Essentially, installing this type of architecturally-styled opening adds extra space to any home or business floor plan.

If you enjoy the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, lift and slide door installation could be just the right pick-me-up your property needs. Here’s a look at your options.

lift and slide doors


Lift and slide systems, also called liftslides, are not one-size-fits-all installations. The doors can be built in countless configurations, including:

  • Straight systems provide large, tall single-wall openings
  • Corner systems accommodate almost any angle, turning two adjacent walls into glass
  • Curved systems create a dramatic and elegant architectural feature

Since every property owner has unique considerations, window and door suppliers customize liftslide glass wall system configurations to meet specific project needs.

Floor Rail

Liftslide doors operate on a single track. Once the leverage handle is engaged, the gasket seal system releases to allow for smooth and easy movement.

Glass wall systems may have an inconspicuous, low-profile floor rail. Or, the track can be flushed or recessed to virtually disappear. Either way, the advanced engineering ensures excellent performance – liftslide tracks aren’t easily dented or damaged.

Stacked or Pocket Panels

When closed, liftslides offer a stunning, seamless view – the outdoor panorama appears to be completely unobstructed, as if the doors were wide open.

In the open position, the lift and slide panels may fold into a single stack at one end of the glass wall. Or, as some home and business owners prefer, the doors can be installed to slide into a pocket within the wall or along an outside wall.

Hardware Style

Liftslide doors are designed to provide an expansive view, which means the hardware is hardly noticeable. Nonetheless, installers offer a variety of high-end hardware options for glass wall systems.

Removable handles, stainless steel edge pulls, custom finishes and multi-point locking systems are just a few of the hardware choices. Also, in planning a liftslide installation, property owners can select a wood-clad style or wood and aluminum design – both of which work to boost energy efficiency and dampen sound.

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