How Long Does Residential Window Installation Take?

Are you ready for residential window installation? Choose a highly-experienced, reputable professional company for the best possible results. Otherwise, you could end up with diminished energy efficiency and obvious installation flaws that degrade your home’s curb appeal.

So, how long does professional installation take?

When you hire professional installers, you can count on your project being completed as quickly as possible. The exact timeline depends upon the type and number of windows you’re replacing and whether they’re standard sizes or custom builds. From start to finish, however, the residential window installation process usually takes between four and eight weeks.

how long window installation

Window Installation Consultation

The first step of the installation process is a consultation, which is typically free of charge. Professional installers will visit your home to see where the replacement windows will go and discuss your project needs.

You’ll get a look at all the different designs, materials and colors available, along with the pricing for each option. Your installers will also go over the payment and financing methods, and you can expect an accurate estimate.

After you sign the contract, the installers will take exact measurements and order the replacement windows from the manufacturer. Once they arrive at the warehouse – which takes anywhere from four to eight weeks — you’ll get a call to confirm the installation date.

Window Installation Day

Professional installers work quickly, and they understand how to minimize the amount of heating and cooling loss during installation.

On the day of your installation, you can expect the crew to work on one window at a time to keep your home comfortable – you don’t have to worry about drafts blowing in from every direction. In general, each replacement takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Most residential installations can be finished in a single day, though larger jobs and projects involving custom-built windows may take longer.

Tips for Efficient Replacement Window Installation

You can take a number of steps to ensure your replacement window project goes as smoothly as possible. To prepare for the installation, professionals recommend:

• Clearing away furniture to create a clear path to the windows
• Taking down the blinds, sheers or curtains and nearby wall decorations
• Moving outdoor lawn furniture and decorations that could obstruct the placement of ladders or scaffolding
• Making sure security sensors are disabled on installation day

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