Is It Time to Update Your Home’s Patio Doors?

Are your home’s patio doors in need of some help?

Utah homeowners will suffer with dated and tired-looking sliding doors for years, struggling with locks that stick, tracks that drag and dented frames that leak air constantly.

Replacing those tired, worn sliders will improve your home’s appearance and comfort, help reduce your energy consumption and cost, and can potentially even boost your home’s value and salability.

Updating patio doors for your Utah home

Why You Should Update Your Old, Tired Patio Doors

If your current patio doors leak (rain or air) or if condensation forms between the glass, it’s time for an update. Likewise, if you struggle to securely close or lock the door, it’s important to either repair or replace it for security reasons. If you can no longer see through the glass or if you’re spending any time or money on repairs, it’s probably time.

The advances in energy-efficient technology have significantly improved the performance of glass patio door designs. You can enjoy the view to the outdoors – and, in fact, expand it significantly – while improving the indoor comfort of your home and reducing your power bills.

Today’s designs require virtually no maintenance and, with the advanced materials and finishes used, they can endure for decades. And, surprisingly, manufacturers have kept the cost for replacement patio doors lower than you might expect.

Replacement Patio Door Options

If you like your current glass bypass design (aka, sliding patio doors), you have countless options for replacing it with a similar design. These styles have remained popular for decades, as they require no space for an inward or outward swing.

Even if you currently have a sliding glass door design, you can replace it with swinging style doors (French patio doors) if you prefer.

Or, for a dramatic upgrade you’re sure to love, consider folding doors, lift-and-slide or multi-slide designs. These options let you literally open your home to the outside, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. These designs, when closed, provide a wall of glass through which you can enjoy the dramatic vistas. When you’re ready to open them, their easy and efficient operation makes it virtually effortless to slide or fold them out of your way.

Choosing the Right Replacement Patio Doors for Your Home

The best way to get started with this process is to select a local window and door replacement expert – like the Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors team.

We represent multiple manufacturers, including Panda Windows & Doors, WinDoor Systems, JELD-WEN and more. Each of our manufacturers provides an extensive product warranty, with some extending out 20 years or more.

We will visit your home, inspect and measure your existing door and learn more about your objectives and your budget. We will recommend the products that best suit your needs and provide a no-obligation price quote for your project.

Since 1994, the Rocky Mountain team has been serving our customers in Orem and throughout Utah. We are licensed and insured and we service all products that we install. Contact us today to learn more about how easy and cost-effective it can be to update your Utah home’s patio doors.