How to Select Replacement Windows for Your Utah Home

High-performance replacement windows can boost the energy efficiency of your Utah home – and that can translate to big savings on your monthly utility bills. And updating your windows will improve your home’s curb appeal.

Installing replacement windows is a wise investment but how do you know which product best meets your needs? Consulting with a local supplier, like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, is the easiest way to make the right choice for your Utah home.

Look at the Ratings Label

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a non-profit organization, tests every window for the purpose of determining its energy efficiency.

The NFRC ratings label offers key information regarding certain properties:

  • U-factor – a measurement of non-solar heat loss or gain
  • Solar heat gain coefficient – the rate of solar heat transmission
  • Visible transmittance – the amount of visible light transfer
  • Air leakage – how much air can pass through the assembly
  • Condensation resistance – how well the product resists condensation

In terms of the u-factor, solar heat gain coefficient and air leakage ratings, lower is better for replacement windows. The opposite is true for the condensation resistance rating. As for visible transmittance, a higher value means more light passes through the glass.

Check the Energy Performance

Any window you choose for your Utah home must comply with the local energy code.

Look for ENERGY STAR certification, as that designation means the product meets the EPA’s guidelines for energy-efficiency windows. The ENERGY STAR label lists the NFRC ratings, along with a graphic map that displays which regions of the country the product meets the EPA criteria.

The ENERGY STAR label is important for another reason, too – products that are not certified may not qualify for rebates and incentives.

Consider Product Durability

When selecting replacement windows, you need to make sure the product offers structural integrity.

The frame, sashes, weatherstripping and insulation glass seals need to be durable. If the product doesn’t have a solid design and quality craftsmanship, you may end up replacing your replacement windows – and you definitely don’t want to be in that boat.

For an indicator of durability, look to the warranty. The better the guarantee, the more likely the product and its manufacturer are reliable.

Choose Professional Installation

Professional installation is essential for ensuring optimal performance. The best high-performance replacement windows won’t provide nearly the same level of energy efficiency or curb appeal to your Utah home if they’re not installed correctly.

Hiring a trained professional for window installation, a contractor with extensive experience with every type of product, is money well spent – and with Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, expert installation comes at a surprisingly affordable price.


Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors offers a vast range of high-quality, top-of-the-line replacement windows from the world’s most well-respected manufacturers. Our expert team can explain your options and help you find a product that meets your needs and fits your budget.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area or anywhere along the Wasatch Front, contact Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors in Orem, Utah, for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss replacement windows today.