Popular Residential Interior Door Styles

Before you begin shopping for new residential interior doors, it’s a good idea to understand your options.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current abode, the style and materials you choose make a definite design statement. Many different types are available, so we suggest consulting with a local supplier – like the Rocky Mountain team – for expert advice and assistance in making selections that match your vision.


To help you make your choice, check out some of these popular residential interior door styles.

Swinging Doors

Most residential interior doors are hinged to swing into our out of a room. They can be flush, or completely flat, but many feature multiple sculpted square or rectangular panels. Some styles also incorporate glass inserts and unique panel patterns.

Folding Doors

Bi-fold or folding designs are mounted on a track and feature pairs of panels that are hinged to fold together. They’re a common choice for bedroom closets, the kitchen pantry and the laundry room. However, this option also makes sense as a divider between rooms and in areas where a swing-open style won’t fit.

French Doors

For a dramatic touch, French doors featuring glass inserts or decorative panels are a great option. This configuration features two swinging doors, mounted on either side of a room entry to provide central opening access. This option is often used to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces as well as for home offices, master bedrooms and living rooms.

Pocket Doors

When the available floor space is limited, pocket interior doors are a smart choice. They don’t swing open – instead, they slide on an overhead track, disappearing into a compartment within the adjacent wall. Pocket styles can be ideal for bathrooms, closets and small rooms.

Bypass Doors

Also mounted on a track, bypass doors are similar to pocket varieties, but they don’t slide into the wall – they slide past each other within the room opening. Since this style doesn’t swing open, it’s useful in areas with limited floor space. However, installation requires a wide entryway, as only part of the opening can be accessed at a time.

Barn Doors

One of the latest interior trends, barn styles slide along externally-mounted decorative rail hardware. Single- and double-panel options are available in rustic, modern, contemporary and traditional designs. Because they pack a big architectural punch, barn styles are often used as a home décor focal point.


If you’re not sure which residential interior doors will best suit your northern Utah home, the professional team at Rocky Mountain can help you explore your options and make the best decisions for style, material and finish to fit your personality and meet your needs.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors also offers a vast range of high-quality windows and skylights for new home constructions and replacement projects in the greater Salt Lake City area and all along the Wasatch Front. For a free, no-pressure consultation with our residential interior door specialists, contact our Orem office today.