Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are quickly becoming a favorite of architects, designers and homeowners throughout Utah.

glass block

These unique windows provide a variety of advantages over standard glass windows. In the past, they were difficult to install and maintain. Today, however, advances in design and fabrication technology provide us with a new generation of glass block windows that eliminate these challenges.

In Utah, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is proud to offer the finest glass and acrylic block windows available today.

Glass Block Windows Go High-Tech

Many years ago, window companies were forced to install glass block piece by piece. Similar to bricks, the blocks were individually set into place and secured with a type of mortar.

The resulting windows – although beautiful — were fragile and prone to problems. Any shifting or settlement of the structure would place undue pressure on the glass and mortar. Blocks tended to crack or even shatter as a result. And, if the mortar failed or came loose, water leaks were the unfortunate result.

All of these problems were eliminated when window manufacturers perfected a process using window frames. Just as with regular glass, the blocks are secured into a single frame at the factory. Installation is quick and easy, and requires essentially the same technique as any other window.

Glass block window frames bear the stress of normal structural settling and shifting, to eliminate breakage. Each window is fully sealed against the weather and designed to shed water away from the glass, both inside and out. Specially formulated silicone sealants contain anti-fungal agents that prevent mold growth, even in the shower.

Each window is accompanied by a leak- and defect-free warranty, for decades of hassle-free durability and peace of mind.

Choose Your Glass Block Window Frames and Options

Today’s approach to design means that you can select the frame style and block pattern that best accentuates your home’s architectural style and color palette.

Our 2-inch block thickness option provides the most cost-effective choice. Durable, low-maintenance vinyl frames are available in three designer colors to suit your style. You can select from a variety of block patterns as well, including wave, ice and frosted designs.

Our 3-inch thickness designs are set in aluminum, thermally broken frames with a powder-coated finish. You can select from eight designer color finishes and even choose different colors for the interior and exterior sides. Five glass block pattern options are available as well, including diamond, pearl, cross-rib and clear.

The Acrylic Block Alternative

Acrylic block windows provide yet another way to let the natural light shine through without sacrificing your privacy. Acrylic block provides all the advantages of glass but they are 70 percent lighter. As a result, you can select operable acrylic block windows, to let fresh air in along with the light. Acrylic block is more energy efficient than glass too!

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