Casement Windows

Casement windows, those that operate on side hinges just like a door, are today’s most popular style of new and replacement windows. The original operable window design, casement designs have fallen in and out of favor over the years. In Utah and across the United States, they’ve definitely come back in style.casement-windows-2

After a surge in casement popularity during World War II and beyond, architects and builders began favoring glider windows and double hung designs during the late 60s and 70s. Today, savvy designers and homeowners have rediscovered the many benefits that the casement design provides.

What Are Casement Windows

Casement windows operate like a door, attached on one side by hinges and swinging to open and close. Most designs swing outward, although they can be designed to swing in if the location requires it.

Most post-war homes used casement designs that operated with a crank mechanism. Although the crank design is still available and used in specific applications, most of today’s versions operate simply by unlatching them and pushing them outward.

Older versions also traditionally featured multiple panes of glass separated by mullions. Today, most casement styles feature a single pane of interrupted glass. Unless, of course, you prefer the look of a mullion window or require that design to match your existing home’s windows.

Advantages of Casement Windows

The primary reason for their resurgence in popularity is the efficiency with which casement windows encourage fresh air flow into the home. The outward swing catches the breeze and directs it into the house. This provides efficient cooling and air flow, and improves the quality of the indoor environment.

From a more practical perspective, these windows are secure, structurally sound and easy to operate. The versatile design makes them ideal for any size or location of window. And, because the glass is uninterrupted by a sash – as a double-hung window would be – they provide superior views.

Because the screen is located on the inside (at least on those casement designs that swing outward, as most do), they’re protected from the weather and easy to access for cleaning.

In Utah, Casement Windows Suit Our Lifestyle

Casement designs are well-suited to our Northern Utah climate and lifestyle. You can reduce your cooling bills in the summer, thanks to their superior ventilating ability. During the colder months, their energy efficiency reduces heat loss and leverages the sun’s rays for warming your home.

Their clean lines and flexible design adapt to any architectural style. And, because this design is so popular today, you can choose designs from the finest window manufacturers, including Milgard, Lincoln Windows, JELD-WEN and MI Window. You can select the frame design and material of your choice as well, including aluminum, vinyl, natural wood, composite and wood clad. And, because every window we sell is custom-built to your specifications, you can select the size, finish and shape of your choice, including radius top designs.

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