Will New Patio Doors Help Cut Utility Bills?

If you install new patio doors on your Utah home, will they help you reduce your energy use – and the bills that go with it?

If you have an older sliding door leading to your patio, you absolutely can cut your energy consumption and costs – but, wait, there’s more! You will also improve the comfort and livability of your home.

Will New Patio Doors Help Cut Utility Bills?

And, while you’re enjoying your reduced power bills, you will also enjoy an increase in your home’s value and aesthetic appeal.

Sliding Patio Doors & Energy Efficiency

Home builders spent decades installing sliding doors on their houses. Even today, many builders choose this option, even though it’s the worst possible option for energy efficiency.

As fate would have it, sliding patio doors are the most cost-effective and space-saving option. This means that many Utah homeowners either choose to install this design or they have no choice, based on space considerations. The good news is that, today, sliding exterior doors are significantly more energy-efficient than ever before.

The key is to reduce air leakage at the “seam” where the panels bypass each other. You can choose from many manufacturers and designs today that maximize the energy efficiency of sliding doors.

Improved Energy-Efficient Designs for New Patio Doors

If you have the space to accommodate a swinging door, you will maximize the energy efficiency of your home with swinging (hinged) designs, such as French patio doors. You have a virtually limitless number of choices for materials and design.

Folding patio doors, lift-and-slide doors and multi-slide patio doors are all good options for reducing your power bills and improving the comfort of your home. The best part about these revolutionary designs (besides their energy-saving features) is the view they provide – both when they’re open and closed.

Sure, you will spend a little more for any of these designs – at least as compared to sliding doors – but you will improve the value of your home as well as saving money on your power bills.

Choosing Patio Door Materials to Reduce Utility Costs

For the most energy-efficient design, choose a patio door design with Low-E glass and double or (better) triple pane glass. You can choose designs with integral blinds, textured glass or special coatings to help resist the sun’s intensity.

Aluminum patio doors will provide the lowest level of energy efficiency in most cases. Vinyl, wood, and wood clad designs will do a better job of separating your indoor comfort from the ravages of the Utah seasons. However, you will find a design that meets your needs and energy savings goals, whatever your budget may be.

Whatever materials you choose for your doors, you can look forward to little or no maintenance and years (or decades) of durability. You can choose from many standard colors or, if you prefer, we have options that you can customize to match any color you choose.

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