Vinyl Windows – Pros and Cons

Trying to decide if vinyl windows are the best option for your northern Utah home?

Choosing the right material for your new or replacement windows requires careful thought. Vinyl is quite popular among homeowners and builders, and it might just be ideal for you – but then again, not everyone loves vinyl frames.

The easiest way to make an informed decision is to speak with a trusted local window supplier. But, reading the following guide to the pros and cons of going with vinyl may help.

Vinyl window installer in Salt Lake City

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Windows framed with vinyl have several positives. The many reasons to choose the material include:

  • Cost Savings – When compared to wood, composite wood, fiberglass, aluminum and aluminum-clad wood, vinyl is the more economical option.
  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl has excellent insulating properties, and windows made of the material can keep your home comfortable while cutting your energy costs.
  • Durability – Window frames made of vinyl can last for decades as the material doesn’t rot, chip or peel, plus it’s highly resistant to mold.
  • Easy Maintenance – Other than an occasional cleaning of the glass and frames, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Quick Installation – Because vinyl frames are slightly flexible, installing them takes little time and, therefore, doesn’t result in high labor fees.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

With all of the benefits we mentioned above, you can see why vinyl is such a popular choice for new and replacement windows. So, why wouldn’t you want to go with this type of frame? When people choose another option, it’s usually for one of these two reasons:

  • Renovation Limitations Vinyl frames come in a wide array of beautiful baked-in colors, but since the material cannot be painted, making a color change means replacing the windows.
  • Environmental Impact – The production of vinyl has a significant effect on the environment, and while the material is recyclable, doing so can be both difficult and cost-prohibitive.

Should You Choose Vinyl Windows?

As with any home remodeling decision, you need to do your research. High-quality windows come with several different frame materials, and a reputable local supplier – like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – can help you compare all of your options and decide which type of frame is the right choice for your northern Utah home.

We represent many industry-leading manufacturers, including Milgard, JELD-WEN, AMSCO, Hy-Lite and WinDor Systems. We’ve been serving the greater Salt Lake City area for over 25 years, and we’re known for our outstanding customer care and fair, competitive pricing.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the pros and cons of vinyl windows with the Rocky Mountain team, contact our office in Orem, Utah, today.