Hardware Options for High-Quality Doors

High-quality doors come in many different styles, with unique features that can boost both the beauty and the value of your northern Utah home.

Today’s residential doors offer flexibility in design, and you’ll have the choice of material, finish and decorative elements, such as glass panels and dentil shelves. Hardware for high-quality doors is also customizable, allowing you to create secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing entryways. Here, the Rocky Mountain team explains the various hardware options.

Which door hardware should you choose

Knobs and Levers

Round doorknobs are a classic choice for both interior and exterior doors, and because they twist to open, knobs make it easy to childproof.

Lever handles are easier to operate, with no grabbing or twisting. As such, levers can be a better option for those with arthritis or compromised hand strength.

For the exterior, entrance handle sets offer an impressive touch. Full-plate and two-piece sets are available, with models featuring either round doorknobs or lever handles.


Keyed entry knobs and levers are typically used with exterior doors. Entering from the outside requires a key, and the inside has a turn- or push-button lock.

High-quality doors can also be outfitted with electronic locks that open after inputting a numeric code or reading a thumbprint. Most include backup keys, and some electronic locksets unlock in the presence of a key fob or registered smartphone.


Residential butt hinges are popular for exterior and interior doors. When closed, only the pin and joints remain visible. For heavier doors, however, lubricated ball bearing hinges allow for smoother and easier operation.

Spring hinges can be ideal for a back door or one leading to a garage, as they automatically come to a close once opened. In kitchens and dining rooms, doors featuring double-action spring hinges provide effortless access by swinging open from both directions.

Door Hardware Finishes

Homeowners have the choice of an array of hardware finishes. From polished chrome and satin nickel to matte black and more, the finish of the handles, hinges and locksets can easily compliment or even help define the look of any home.

Some finishes – including oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze and polished brass — can change over time. Be aware, too, that while different manufacturers may use the same finish name, that doesn’t guarantee an exact match.

The professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors supplies, installs and replaces doors for homes and businesses throughout northern Utah. We offer top-quality products from Simpson, Masonite, Lemieux, Krosswood and several other fine manufacturers. And we’d be happy to help you explore your hardware options.

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