Inswing vs. Outswing Exterior Doors

Are you planning to replace the exterior doors of your northern Utah home?

From choosing between wood, fiberglass, composite, aluminum clad and steel doors to selecting the style, color, finish and hardware you prefer, you have many decisions to make. And chances are, you have already given these details some thought.

But have you considered which direction your exterior doors should swing? The decision is more important than you may think. Here’s what to take into account to make a smart choice.

Choosing exterior doors


First of all, look at the space surrounding your exterior door openings. Are there any obstacles inside or outside that you need to accommodate?

For example, let’s say your entryway leads directly into the kitchen, where a table and chairs sit. Due to the interior space constraints, an outswing door may be the best option. On the other hand, if your exterior entry steps and landing are on the small side, you may want to install an inswing door.


Inswing and outswing exterior doors offer different levels of security for your northern Utah home.

Inswing doors are easier to force open from the outside, as an intruder can kick them in. But, deadbolt locks and deep-screwed strike plates can greatly reduce the security risk. Outswing doors are difficult to kick open, which is a security plus – but, the exposed hinge pins are a weak point that intruders can exploit. That said, models that feature security-style hinges or special threaded pins are highly secure.


Though it may sound surprising, the direction your exterior doors swing has an impact on the durability of the entryway.

The bottom of an inswing door has a sweep gasket to keep wind-driven water out, but getting a good seal requires friction – and that makes it harder to open. Furthermore, if the gasket wears, water can easily enter. Outswing doors feature a threshold stop and a compression gasket that seals out water without compromising operation. However, if the snow is piled up outside, opening them can be a challenge.

Choosing Exterior Doors to Meet Your Needs

To make a smart decision on directional swing, consult with a local contractor. For expert advice and assistance in the greater Salt Lake City area or the surrounding northern Utah region, turn to the professional team at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

We offer a vast selection of high-quality products at a range of price points, and our contractors have decades of combined experience in door replacement. We can help you find style and design options that meet your needs, fit your budget and complement the look of your home.

For more information, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss exterior door replacement, contact our Orem, Utah, office today.