Interior Doors 101: The Basics

Whether you’re building a new home or doing some remodeling, you want interior doors that are functional, complement your décor and meet your budget.

You have many options to choose from, so consulting with a reputable local door supplier – like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – can be the easiest way to make the right selections. For an idea of what’s available, however, take a look at the following guide.

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Types of Interior Doors

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that there are quite a few different types of interior doors. Your choices include:

  • Passage doors, which swing open and closed on two or more hinges
  • French doors, which are two passage doors that swing toward each other
  • Bypass doors, which slide past each other from left to right on a track
  • Pocket doors, which glide on a track and disappear into the adjacent wall
  • Bi-fold doors, which have pairs of panels that are hinged to fold together
  • Barn doors, which slide along decorative, externally-mounted rail hardware

Passage doors are the most common in homes, and the options include:

  • Completely flat surface with no embellishments
  • Sculpted square or rectangular panels
  • Panels with angled slats for ventilation
  • Panels with decorative glass inserts

Interior Door Construction

Once you decide on the type of interior doors you want to install, you need to consider their construction. You can choose from the following options:

  • Hollow-core construction – With thin veneer plywood or hardwood faces and cardboard centers, hollow-core models are both lightweight and inexpensive.
  • Solid-core construction – Due to their wood fiber centers, sold-core models offer better sound proofing and are more durable than hollow-core doors.
  • Solid wood construction – Models made of solid wood are strong, secure and long-lasting, and they provide a natural sound barrier.

Choosing the Right Interior Doors

All of the options we mentioned above come in a vast range of styles, materials and finishes. And you aren’t limited to a single model – you can select different doors for different rooms, based upon functionality and the available floor space.

Having a multitude of choices is great, but it can make coming to a decision more difficult. For expert advice and assistance in Salt Lake City or the greater northern Utah area, turn to Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.

We offer an extensive selection of affordable, high-quality products from the world’s finest manufacturers, and our friendly team is happy to help homeowners choose the ideal windows, doors and skylights for their new home constructions and remodeling projects. For a free, no-obligation consultation with our residential interior door specialists, contact our Orem, Utah, office today.