Specialty Utah Window Shape Options and Considerations

While the majority of windows you might be considering for your home come in a few standard shapes like rectangles, squares and circles, there are also unique window shapes out there for those who want to go against the grain. Often available in customized formats, specialty window shapes can add both practicality and style to many areas of the home — and it’s important to know your options if you’re going this route.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re proud to offer a huge range of new window options to our Utah clients, from vinyl and wood-clad windows to options like glass block windows and many others. We’re also happy to work with you for various custom specialty window shapes you might desire, with a virtually limitless range of possibilities at your disposal. What are some of the shape types you might consider for specialty windows, why are those shape types potentially beneficial, and which important areas should you be keeping in mind when it comes to specialty windows depending on their frame type? Here’s a basic primer.

specialty window shape options

Common Specialty Window Shapes

Specialty window shapes are available in both standard and custom designs depending on your needs, and these window types offer a number of practical and decorative benefits. Here are some of the most common specialty shapes available, along with some of the reasons home or building owners choose them:

  • Elliptical or half-elliptical: The sleek, rounded shapes of elliptical windows are eye-catching, and for good reason. These options help you maximize the view out your window, while minimizing how much area is lost to the frame. They also offer a unique look that can be especially visually or aesthetically pleasing in some settings. They’re available in both full and half-elliptical shapes to help you maximize your view and work within any room design.
  • Modified rectangle: Referring to a design where a standard rectangular window will be modified in certain sections to make it arched a modified rectangle window can be an excellent choice for those with a unique design vision. They’re also sometimes called A-frame windows for their distinctive triangular shape.
  • Arch head: Available in full and partial styles, the arch head of an arched window frame is a signature look that can really make your home stand out from the rest. This type of frame offers significant natural light due to its special shape, and it works beautifully for both traditional and contemporary design styles alike.
  • Trapezoid: A sort of halfway design between a rectangle and an arch, trapezoid windows have sloping sides that help create a distinctive look for your home. They’re available in a range of sizes and shapes, making them a versatile option for those who want to incorporate special window types into their home without going too wild with their design.
  • Springline: The Springline design is similar to the modified rectangle, but with more rounded sections on each side for a more fluid look. Like the modified rectangle, Springline windows can be customized to fit any room design and help you maximize natural light flow.
  • Pentagon: As a design that’s typically used for smaller windows, pentagon windows add a distinctive look while maximizing the amount of natural light that comes into your home. In some cases they can come with an exterior or interior grill for added security, and they’re also sometimes available in half-size options.
  • Octagon or hexagon: Windows that fit these shapes will help you maximize view while maximizing natural light. They’re available in a range of sizes and shape options, and offer the panoramic views you’d expect from specialty windows.
  • Circular: Full circular windows can be an excellent way to let in lots of natural light into your home — or simply to add a distinctive look if that’s the style you’re going for. Circular windows are available in custom shapes and sizes to suit any window need, and can be perfect for maximizing light flow or adding a distinctive touch.
  • Skylights: Skylights are another excellent way to maximize natural light flow into your home, and they also work well with many different design styles. Skylights come in a range of unique shapes, which means they’ll fit into your home while delivering the design you want.

This is not an exhaustive list of specialty window shapes — there are many others depending on your desires. These are just some of the most well-known.

Our next several sections will go over some important considerations to make if you’re choosing specialty window shapes, based on the window frame material being used.

Wood Specialty Windows

Whether you’re looking for pure wood or aluminum-clad wood, specialty windows add a touch of warmth and beauty to your home. You can even get wood specialty options that help you maximize natural light with special designs. These materials should not be confused with vinyl, which often looks similar but is more practical for colder climates.

Vinyl Specialty Windows

As we just noted, vinyl windows are the practical option if you live in a cold climate. They’re also available in a variety of different specialty shapes, with high-grade vinyl frames that are welded to reduce both sound and heat loss.

Aluminum Specialty Windows

Like vinyl windows, aluminum specialty windows are available in a variety of different shapes and styles. They can also be custom built for your unique window needs, and they’re often the best option if you want a distinctive look as part of your home decor.

Fiberglass Specialty Windows

Finally, fiberglass specialty windows are built to last — and they also come in a range of different shapes. They’re less costly than other options, but still deliver an attractive look that helps you maximize natural light flow into your home.

For more on your options when selecting specialty window shapes, or to learn about any of our window or door products or services in Utah, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.