Top Window Options for a Great View

Like many other primary features of a home or building, quality windows serve multiple purposes at once. Different home or building owners might prioritize these slightly differently, from those who care most about protection or temperature control to those who are most interested in aesthetics or even the views provided by windows on a given property.

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re here to provide numerous window installation and replacement services, with a huge variety of window styles and materials available depending on your needs and desires. Among the wide range of popular window designs out there today, which are best for those who prioritize their view from within their home or building? This two-part blog series will look at several good options if you fit this bill.

window options great view


The casement window describes a type that works similarly to a door in many ways. It’s attached only by hinges on one side, allowing it to swing open and closed easily. It can open either outward or inward, though most open outward.

For a perfect combination of performance and views, these are often the ideal option. Their opening format allows them to clear your view very easily, but they’re also practically simple and very easy to repair or maintain. They can also be installed side-by-side to allow for expanded views.


When it comes to operating windows, sliding windows are some of the largest options available today. They come with a fixed pane that stays in place, plus another that moves horizontally to open and close the window. They come with minimal blockages and numerous style options, allowing for your interior aesthetic to be perfect while your exterior views remain uninterrupted.

Single- or Double-Hung

The double-hung window is a classic style, one where both an upper and lower sash are operational. One of the primary benefits here is slimmer lines and larger panels of glass, though these also provide fantastic efficiency.

Single-hung windows are similar, but with only the bottom sash operating. These offer many of the same visual benefits, plus are great for efficiency and bring a classic interior aesthetic.


The awning window describes a type that involves a horizontal orientation. Most often found in rooms like bathrooms or walk-in closets, these allow for a great outdoor view while maintaining strong privacy. They’re usually placed at eye level and typically won’t be visible from the outside in, with hinges at the top that allow for the window to swing either way. They’re also ideal for bathroom ventilation.

For more on the best window styles with views in mind, or to learn about any of our windows, skylights, high-end doors or other services, speak to the staff at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today.