Which Patio Doors Should You Choose for Your Utah Home?

Choosing the right patio doors for your Utah home can be a confusing prospect.

With many styles, materials and manufacturers to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Use our handy guide to make the process easier.

Patio Doors Should You Choose

Choosing a Style of New or Replacement Patio Doors

The most popular styles for Utah homes are swinging and sliding patio doors.

Unlike the poor-quality sliding styles of the past, today’s sliders (sometimes called Arcadia doors) are substantial and secure. They resist virtually any type of weather and require little maintenance. You have countless options for materials, hardware and finish color. One of the most significant benefits of this design is that it works in any location where you don’t have much space.

Swinging designs – typically the French door style – feature most of the same amenities as sliding styles. The only consideration for this design is that you need enough space for the doors to swing. Whether you choose to have the doors swing in or out depends on your home design and space considerations.

Increasingly popular are folding patio or porch designs, multi-slide or lift and slide doors, and folding or bi-fold doors. These designs offer a virtually limitless selection of configurations, sizes and materials.

What Is the Best Material for Your New Patio Doors?

You can choose from aluminum, vinyl, hybrid, wood or wood-clad options. Each of these materials offers its own unique set of pros and cons. The right choice for you depends on your priorities.

For example, if you prefer a low-maintenance design with a more budget-friendly price, aluminum designs are ideal. Wood is prized for its natural beauty and warmth. For a lower maintenance wood option, you can choose a wood-clad design.

You can choose high-efficiency glass to reduce your heating and cooling costs and improve your home’s comfort. Colored and textured glass options are also available from most manufacturers.

Your color and finish options vary by manufacturer, depending on whether you want a factory finish and color or if you prefer to choose a custom color.

What Brand of Patio Doors Is the Best?

The first consideration when choosing a door manufacturer is quality. You can find high-quality options to fit almost any budget.

Rocky Mountain Window & Door represents Utah’s finest manufacturers.

Panda Windows makes an exceptional line of lift-and-slide and multi-slide designs. Win-Door Systems, Jeld-Wen and MiWD are just a few of the other manufacturers we represent.

To find the perfect choice for you, contact the Rocky Mountain team of professional window and door contractors. We can show you the many different options available and, based on your budget, help you select the design that best fits your needs. We serve clients throughout Utah, providing new construction and replacement door and window packages. Contact us today for a customized quote for your new patio doors.