Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors Offer Limitless Choices

Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors is one of the most well-respected manufacturers of fine windows and doors in the United States. Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is proud to be Lincoln’s authorized Utah representative.

Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors

With more than 70 years in the window and door manufacturing industry, Lincoln’s products emphasize craftsmanship and quality. The company has a reputation for producing products that combine exceptional performance and visual appeal.

Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors Material Options

The company offers five collections, based on the design, materials and manufacturing processes that are unique to each one.

This line includes aluminum clad products, which offer exceptional strength with very little maintenance. You can order from this collection in virtually any shape, size or color.

These vinyl clad products provide exceptional thermal performance, and are especially appropriate for use in coastal climates.

These products are made with a hybrid design using aluminum-clad, vinyl-clad and primed wood. These designs are ideal for achieving your architectural styling goals while keeping maintenance to a minimum

This line consists of primed wood products and historical design elements. Because they can be painted any color you prefer, you can precisely match your home’s color palette.

These natural wood products offer the ultimate in style and warm, natural beauty. These designs can be stained to your specification to allow the wood grain to stand out. Available in pine, mahogany and fir, they arrive sanded smooth and ready for your finish.

Lincoln Window and Door Glass Options

This well-known manufacturer offers a variety of glass options, allowing you to choose the level of energy efficiency and maintenance that meets your goals and budget.

The Lincoln energy efficiency glass options include:

  • Clear I.G.
  • LoĒ-180™
  • LoĒ²-272®
  • LoĒ³-366™/Neat®
  • Dual Low-E2 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ²-272®)
  • Dual Low-E3 (LoĒ-i89™/LoĒ³-366™/Neat®)

You can also choose from two different low-maintenance glass options, as well as wealth of specialty glass options.

Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors Finish & Color Options

If you want variety and a wealth of finish and color options, you can’t go wrong with Lincoln products.

For example, their vinyl window color options include eight standard colors, 38 feature colors and the option to have your windows and patio doors finished in a custom color of your choosing.

You can add casings and brickmould trim to most of the Lincoln products, which are factory-applied to provide a truly customized design.

Lincoln Patio Doors

Lincoln’s patio door collection is prized for its style and functionality.

The company offers four designs: slide patio doors, swinging patio doors, fold-away and slide-away models. Each style can be ordered in custom sizes. You can add custom sidelites and select from several high-performance glass options.

These products offer a wide variety of color options, hardware finishes, panel configurations and grill patterns.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors proudly serves customers throughout Utah, providing new construction and replacement windows and doors. Contact us today to learn more about the exceptional line of Lincoln Windows & Patio Doors.