Should You Replace Windows Piecemeal, or All at Once?

As a homeowner, the decision on when to replace windows is in your hands. But is it wiser to replace one and leave the rest for later? Or should you invest in a whole-house window replacement?

Generally speaking, homeowners replace windows for three reasons:

  • For better functionality
  • For a boost in curb appeal
  • For improved interior aesthetics.

Often, all of these play a part in the decision. When you consider your reasons for window replacement, you’ll have an easier time figuring out how to approach the project.

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If one of your windows isn’t functioning properly – maybe it’s hard to open and close or lets in a draft – replacing it is definitely in your best interests. But if one has problems, others may soon follow.

Our advice? Get an expert in-home assessment from an experienced local contractor. Here at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we provide the service for free, and our team can provide you with honest advice on which windows are in need of prompt replacement.

Curb Appeal

Whether you have just moved into your home or you’re putting it on the market, you don’t want it to be an eyesore. But do you need to replace windows throughout the house to make that happen?

Swapping out an old, dated window for one that acts as a stylish focal point for your home can be an effective way to boost your curb appeal. But to completely transform the look of your house, you may need to replace windows on the entire front.

Interior Aesthetics

You likely spend most of your time inside your home, not out at the front, and you want the place to feel comfortable. For more natural light and added visual interest, you can choose to replace one or more windows.

Taking out a single ordinary window and replacing it with one that has a special style can bring character to your living space. At the same time, if you replace all of the windows in a room at the same time, you can make a more serious upgrade to your interior design.

Other Factors to Consider

For any home improvement project, cost is a consideration. And in most cases, replacing multiple windows at once is the cheaper option.

And let’s not forget about the hassle involved. When you replace windows, the contractor typically visits your home three times – once for a consultation, a second time to take measurements and a third trip for installation. If you split the project up into several phases, you’ll be looking at many more visits. And while that may not be the end of the world, it will be more of a hassle.

Still not sure which route to take? If you live in Salt Lake City or the surrounding northern Utah area, contact Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, and our highly experienced contractors can offer advice on your window replacement options. Give us a call today!