Fiberglass Exterior Door Replacement

If you’re considering exterior door replacement, consider using fiberglass doors for your project.

Fiberglass exterior doors are the right choice for many homeowners, because they provide a highly desirable package of features and amenities at a strikingly affordable cost.

Fiberglass Exterior Door Replacement

Before you decide to more forward with a Utah replacement door project, however, consider whether you actually need new doors at this time, as well as how they might benefit you and your family.

Do You Need Exterior Door Replacement?

If your home’s doors are tired-looking, worn, leaky or of poor quality, the chances are good that you do need to replacement them. Here’s why.

From an aesthetic perspective, faded, worn out or dated doors can degrade the curb appeal – and, hence, the value – of your home. They can even have a negative psychological effect on your and your family (and on any potential buyers, should you plan to sell your home). When exterior elements of your home are not well-maintained, it sends a subconscious message of neglect and diminished value.

From an energy perspective, replacement doors can save you significantly on heating and cooling bills, especially as compared to leaky, saggy old doors that allow all of your heating and AC to seep out of the house.

Older models also do not provide an acceptable level of security, to protect your family and possessions from would-be intruders.

Why Use Fiberglass for Your Exterior Doors?

If you decide to move forward, your next consideration will be material for your replacement doors. You can choose from wood, steel, fiberglass and a variety of composite options.

So why choose fiberglass for your door replacement project?

Fiberglass has insulating properties that are very similar to steel. And, with today’s advanced technology, they can be fabricated to replicate the beauty of natural wood. Fiberglass is the most durable materials used for door fabrication, which means they require virtually no maintenance.

The durability of this material is also striking. You can expect your new doors to withstand the elements and keep a like-new appearance for decades.

Planning Your Utah Exterior Door Replacement

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, exterior doors are one of our specialties.

We represent many of the country’s best manufacturers, including JeldWen, ThermaTru and Simpson. You can choose virtually any design, finish and color, to enhance both curb appeal and the value of your home.

We are a locally owned and operated contractor, serving customers throughout Northern Utah. We also provide new construction and replacement windows, skylights and new construction doors. We take the time to help our customers make the right choices to fit their needs and cost constraints.

Contact us today to request your detailed estimate for fiberglass exterior door replacement.