Enclosed Window Treatments Reduce Allergens and Chores

Enclosed window treatments might seem like a luxury at first glance, but they can save you time and money, in addition to making your home a healthier place for your family to spend time.

Enclosed Window Treatments

If you are getting ready to replace your windows, ask about your options for enclosed window treatments. If you haven’t looked into them recently, you will probably be surprised at the variety of styles and colors that are now available.

Enclosed Window Treatments are Virtually Maintenance-Free

If you are living with draperies, curtains, blinds, or vertical blinds, you know how easily they get damaged and dirtied by everyday life. It takes a lot of work to repair those little snags and tears, to get the pet fur off, keep them dust-free, and to spot-clean the places where dirty hands most often touch them. It’s a tedious and endless chore, and it can get expensive when you need repairs.

Enclosed window treatments don’t use dangerous, messy cords to open, and there’s no more flimsy rod to break off while adjusting your shades. Best of all, because they are enclosed and not accessible to small hands, they stay clean and rarely need repairing.

Reduce Allergens

Room-side window treatments are a magnet for allergens. They collect dander and fur from pets, dust and pollen from outdoors, dust mites and other indoor allergens. When it comes to cleaning, traditional dusting often just disperses the mess back into the air, while using chemical cleaners contributes to indoor air pollution.

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, they will breathe more easily once the dust magnets are removed from your home.

A Better Solution to Traditional Window Treatments

Enclosed window treatments are mounted in between 2 panes of glass in your windows, so they’re completely protected from dirt, dust, pollen, and damage. The enclosed shades come in many fabrics and colors, some of them offer additional insulation, and they open with a remote, either from the top down, or from the bottom up.

Options vary, depending on which windows and manufacturer you choose. And, because your windows are a long-term investment, some manufacturers offer enclosed window treatments that homeowners can change easily on their own. You can update the style or color as often as you care to.

Invest in a Cleaner Home With Less Work

Having your home stay cleaner with less work is a bargain at any price. Wouldn’t it be great to spend more time playing with your kids and pets, and less time cleaning up after them? The design experts at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors can help you decide which windows and enclosed window treatments will give your home the style you want, and keep your home cleaner with ease.