Install Energy Efficient Windows Any Time of Year

Should you rush to have new energy efficient windows installed before winter? Now that fall has come and there’s a chill in the air, many homeowners start thinking about replacing windows and doors to keep their homes warmer and their energy bills lower.

Energy Efficient Windows

While getting windows put in place now is a good idea, many contractors are so busy that they are already scheduling well into the winter. Fortunately, window installation is no problem for experienced contractors anytime of the year.

Discovering Window Problems Late in the Year

As you prepare your home for winter, you may realize that your old windows need some help. Your first thought is to add some weather stripping and caulking to block drafts, but you realize that the needs are more serious than that. You may find that your windows have some rot that will only get worse after another season of ice, snow, and rain. Maybe you realize that even if you repair the damage, your windows are only single pane models that lose heat anyways.

At this point, you might consider getting an energy audit from utility company or contractor. After various tests, you should receive a report about problem areas in your home, including windows, which will suggest how much energy you could save by replacing windows or taking other actions to make them more airtight.

Replacing Energy Efficient Windows in the Winter

If your potential savings is large, you might decide on repairs to improve efficiency or decide it is time to replace one or more windows. The problem you may find is that contractors tend to be very busy in the fall as they complete previously requested jobs. You may be put on the list of jobs to do, without a guarantee that you will get new windows before winter. As a homeowner, you may question whether winter is a good time for window replacement.

Fortunately, for a professional, doing this work during the winter is not a problem when installing quality window products. As long as the contractor selects a window that has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of less than .3, there is no problem installing windows in cold weather according to the Department of Energy. Most replacement windows have a value of .21 or .22. By using low expansion foam to block openings in the frame, along with no freeze caulk that is air dried, a professional can install the window with a proper seal and without distorting the window frame or seal.

Little Inconvenience During Installation

The replacement process can take place on even a cold day with only a small amount of inconvenience. Usually a team of two will work inside and outside your home to install each window. The process takes less than a half hour per window, barring an unusual situation, so you will not have cold air flowing into your home while the work is being done.

If you are considering new windows this fall, now is the time to call Rocky Mountain Windows and Doors to schedule replacement with energy-efficient windows as soon as possible. We guarantee excellence of installation in any season.