Do You Need Window Replacement? Here’s How to Tell

If your windows are broken or their frames have visible damage, you probably already know you need to consider window replacement. But there are several less obvious warning signs that it may be time to plan the project.

What should you watch for? Below, the Rocky Mountain team explains how to tell if getting new windows would be a smart decision.

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Condensation Between the Panes

Moisture buildup between panes is a telltale sign that your windows have broken seals and, therefore, the insulating gas inside is escaping. If you notice any inside condensation, resolving the issue probably means planning for window replacement soon.

Drafts Coming in from Outside

When a home feels drafty, outside air coming in through the windows is often to blame. Constant, noticeable drafts can indicate poor insulation or faulty seals, and window replacement may be necessary to eliminate the air leaks and keep your home comfortable.

Problems with Operation

Windows should easily slide open and closed. If you have to wrestle with yours — or they’re stuck in place or simply won’t stay open — they may be warped, out of balance or in poor condition. Whatever the cause of the operational difficulties, window replacement is the only real solution.

Excessive Outdoor Noise

Older models and those that are poorly made don’t do a good job of blocking out neighborhood noise. If you’re hearing everything that’s happening outside from inside your home, you may not get any peace and quiet until your window replacement project is complete.

Rising Home Energy Bills

If your heating and cooling costs are higher than they used to be, you may be losing energy through your windows. Replacing them can help you see lower monthly energy bills, while also adding value to your home – and as a result, the project should more than pay for itself.

Old or Dated Appearance

If your windows are aging or look like they were installed decades ago, the look of your home is likely lacking. With the wide range of features and design options available, new windows can significantly boost your curb appeal and make your property stand out in a good way.

Are You Ready for Window Replacement?

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, based in Orem, offers complimentary consultations to homeowners in the greater Salt Lake City area, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah. We’re a regional distributor for some of the world’s most well-respected manufacturers, including Miligard, JELD-WEN, Lincoln, Win-Door Systems and AMSCO – and we can plan replacement projects to fit any budget.

The Rocky Mountain team has been helping Utah homeowners for more than 25 years, and we’d be happy to explain your options and answer your questions. To schedule a free window replacement consultation, contact our office today.