Door Supplier Advice on Updating Your Front Entryway

When you shop with a door supplier like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, you’ll discover a wealth of front entryway options at every price point. And, all of the products on offer are from the world’s finest manufacturers, so they’re built to last.

That’s great news if you’re planning to update the main entrance of your northern Utah home, as having plenty of choices means you can find a front door that’s absolutely perfect. At the same time, the vast selection can make it difficult to come to a decision on a new front entryway.

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To help focus your search, take the following steps.

Determine Your Household Needs

Think about your family and lifestyle as you shop with a door supplier. If you have young children or pets, for example, you may want to choose a front entryway that’s free of blinds or shades. Or, if redecorating is your passion, you might prefer the opposite approach.

Consider the Various Materials

When selecting the material for your front door, you’ll need to consider appearance, performance and cost. For energy efficiency and design flexibility, fiberglass is frequently recommended, but wood, aluminum clad, steel and composite doors also have much to offer. Look into the pros and cons of each to make a smart choice.

Take Your Home Exterior Into Account

Many homeowners like to have their front entryway stand out – and taking that approach can help boost your curb appeal. However, the style of your new front door should also coordinate with the architectural design of your home. For instance, if yours has a modern look, a rustic barn-style entrance wouldn’t really make sense.

Personalize Your Front Entryway

As you explore the selection offered by your door supplier, don’t forget that you can personalize the appearance of your front entryway. With a different finish or hardware, or perhaps the addition of interesting decorative elements or ornamental glass, you can have a design that’s uniquely yours.

Consult with a Local Door Supplier

While you can shop online or at a national chain, shopping with a local door supplier is to your benefit. Locally owned businesses make every effort to take care of their customers, and some – including Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Plus, by shopping locally, you can easily get answers to your questions and expert advice on the best way to update the main entrance of your home.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors works with homeowners in Salt Lake City, along the Wasatch Front and the surrounding northern Utah communities. For a free, no-obligation consultation from the region’s leading local door supplier, contact us today.