3 Replacement Interior Door Trends You’ll Love Right Now 

Replacing the interior doors in your home may not sound all that exciting, as home improvement projects go. And, in all fairness, it was a fairly mundane experience in years past. Today, however, we’re seeing a revolution in the replacement interior door industry and it’s pretty darn exciting if we do say so ourselves.

replacement interior door trends

Throughout Northern Utah and across the U.S., homeowners are livening up their interior décor by choosing doors that make a statement, rather than blending into the walls. If you’re ready to trade your home’s boring doors for something more exciting, we’ve got three on-trend options for you to consider.

No. 1: Check Out Multi-Panel Replacement Interior Doors

Most Northern Utah homes feature either flat (no raised panels) or traditional archtop panel doors. When you’re ready to replace your doors, kick these tired designs to the curb and consider a sleek, modern shaker style.

Multi-panel doors are arguably the most popular interior door trend. Specifically, designs with at least five equal, rectangular panels. This design works just as well with a double configuration as it does with a single.

Also, be sure to check out three-panel craftsman-style designs that feature a square panel on top with two parallel rectangular (vertical) panels below.

No. 2: Incorporate Interior Barn Doors

If your home doesn’t quite have that “open concept” layout that you like, you can create that feel by trading your hinged interior doors for sliding interior barn doors.

Despite the name, sliding interior design styles do not have to evoke a trip on the farm. You can choose interior barn doors in virtually any material, color, configuration and style you like. You can add glass – clear or frosted – to let natural light through, even when the doors are closed.

The other significant benefit of this style is that it requires to floor space for swinging open or closed.

No. 3: Choose Contrasting Colors for Interior Doors

For decades, the dominant interior design style meant choosing a door and trim paint color that was the same as the wall color. Even the most daring designers would specify a contrasting shade that was very close to the wall color.

Today’s trends have turned that style on its ear. To jazz up your home’s design, choose a rich, dark paint color for your replacement interior doors. Stick with neutral shades that have a gray undertone to create a professional interior design look and feel. To really make this look pop, use a light, complementary shade on the walls and paint the casings and frames vibrant white.

Finish the look with square, stainless hardware for an updated look you’ll love.

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