Use Folding & Multi-Slide Doors to Open Up a Small Space

Both folding and multi-slide doors offer an effective solution for making a small space feel more open and expansive.

Here in northern Utah, these movable walls of glass also open up your view to the breathtaking landscapes that surround us. By letting in more natural light, you can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. And, when you open your folding doors to the outside, you create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

multi-slide doors

Sliding & Folding Doors Create the Illusion of More Square Footage

If you consider the old-style sliding (Arcadia) and French doors, you will quickly realize that these tiny doors pale in comparison to the wall of windows you can achieve with multi-fold and multi-slide doors.

Now imagine having a stacking glass door fills a large portion of that wall, opening it to sweeping views of the great outdoors. The extra light this allows in naturally makes the space feel more open and welcoming, while the enhanced views draw the eye outward.

Standard doors take up floor space to allow for an inward swing. Multi-slide and folding doors provide for much more flexibility, allowing you to arrange your furnishings in flexible configurations that take full advantage of the newly expanded views.

Multi-Slide & Multi-Fold Doors Open Up the World of Outdoor Living

Today’s families are tired of being constrained to indoor living. Consequently, the concept of outdoor living spaces has begun to drive contemporary home design.

Even production home builders have begun incorporating folding and sliding door systems that help families open up their home to the outdoors, seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor living.

This concept, used in temperate climates such as southern California and Hawaii for decades, has become popular in Utah due to our stunning natural scenery and many months of favorable weather each year.

Affordable Folding & Multi-Slide Doors Makes Improve Your Home’s Value

Even a few years ago, movable door systems carried a high, often inaccessible price point. Today, however, the cost of these door systems has come down substantially. In fact, folding and sliding door systems are within reach for most Utah homeowners.

And, for the amount of your investment in one of these systems, you can expect to recover some or all of the cost through increased value and salability of your home.

Meanwhile, the exceptional quality and energy efficiency of systems manufactured by WinDoor, Panda, MiWD and others could cut your energy use and cost while improving the indoor comfort of your home.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors helps homeowners throughout Utah select the best new and replacement doors and windows for their needs and budget. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and cost estimate, so you can see just how affordable it can be to add folding or multi-slide doors in your Utah home.