How the Professional Door Installation Process Works

With a highly-experienced and reputable company – like Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors – you can count on expert door installation. The job will be completed correctly, as professional installers have the training, knowledge and skill to handle projects with proper care.

But what does a door installation project entail? For a general idea of what to expect from the process, take a look at the following guide.

Should I hire someone to install a door?

Scheduling a Door Installation Consultation

A professional, in-home consultation is the first step, and most installers provide this service free of charge.

During this appointment, you’ll discuss which doors are best-suited for your home and your budget. Your installers will go over the various design, material and color choices and provide an accurate estimate for your project. At this time, you’ll also review the payment and financing options.

Moving Forward with Professional Door Installation

You can sign a contract on the day of your professional consultation. Or, you can wait until you’re ready to pay for or finance the project.

In either case, once the contract has your signature, your installers will need to take exact measurements so that they can place an order with the manufacturer. Once that arrives a few weeks later, you’ll receive a phone call to confirm the date of your door installation.

What to Expect on Door Installation Day

Professional installers should explain what will take place so that you can prepare your home and family for the project. You might need to contain your pets, for example, or move some belongings out of the way of the work area.

On the day of installation, the crew will work quickly so that the amount of heating or cooling loss stays at a minimum – you won’t have drafts blowing from all directions. Most projects can be finished in a single day, but again, your installer will let you know the timeframe for yours.

Why Not Install Your Own Interior or Exterior Doors?

Sure, you could purchase doors and attempt to install them yourself. But, if you go that route, you’re asking for headaches.

You might have solid handyman skills, but installing doors requires extreme patience and diligence – every corner and angle needs to line up perfectly. Even the simplest types of doors are complicated to install correctly, and you don’t want to make a mistake.

With interior installations, one wrong decision could mean a door that never swings properly or one that is next to impossible to close. For exterior projects, an error in judgement could lead to water infiltration, problems in functionality or a security issue.

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