Getting Estimates from Local Window Suppliers

When you browse the websites of local window suppliers, you’ll notice that very few – if any — have prices listed. Why is this? Shouldn’t you be able to get a quick and easy online estimate for replacement windows?

The fact is, having an experienced contractor visit your home or business is the best way to get an accurate estimate for window replacement. Several factors go into the overall cost of the project, not just the price of the products you choose. Here, we explain why window suppliers prefer in-person consultations.

Best Utah window suppliers for homes

Window Prices

According to, the well-known and trusted online information marketplace, the cost of a single replacement window can run anywhere from $85 to upwards of $2,500.

How can there be such a huge difference? Frame material plays a major role, as does the quality of construction. And, energy-efficient windows cost more than those without insulating properties.

The right products for your home or business may not be the lowest priced, but a trusted local window supplier can explain your options and help you find a budget-friendly solution.

Labor Costs

Window suppliers charge labor costs, as you likely expect. However, the amount you’ll pay for the work of installing your replacement windows depends upon the complexity of the project.

Your labor charges will be higher if the installation takes a great deal of finesse, which may be the case if yours is a historic property or if the work area is difficult to access. As a general rule, the longer the job takes, the more labor will run.

For an accurate estimate of how much you’ll have to budget for the work to be done, you’ll need an onsite consultation with a reputable window supplier. Labor costs really can’t be determined without a visit to your home or business.

Schedule a Free Consultation with the Rocky Mountain Team

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, a trusted northern Utah industry leader since 1994, offers free consultations to homeowners and businesses throughout the region. We can come out to your property and provide you with an estimate for window replacement – and with us, you won’t feel pressured to make a commitment.

We make customer service a priority, and the Rocky Mountain team is happy to answer questions and offer advice. Plus, unlike many of our competitors, we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee for all of our professional services.

You might like the idea of getting an easy online estimate, but we promise meeting with our team is well worth your time. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a northern Utah window supplier you can trust, contact us today.