Consider Replacement Windows for Your New(er) Home

If your home was built recently, replacement windows are probably not on your list for potential home renovation projects.

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The idea of replacing newer windows isn’t as crazy as it sounds, however. Production home builders often use inexpensive builder-grade windows, doors and skylights to increase their profit margin. If you’re battling with energy costs and comfort issues in your newer home, you may want to consider replacing those low-quality windows sooner rather than later.

What Are Builder-Grade Windows?

This term typically refers to the lower-quality products that home builders include as the standard (included in the price) in their new home communities.

In most cases, production builders use a stripped-down, inexpensive window line. This helps reduce building costs by thousands of dollars for every home, but it costs the homeowner easily that much – or more – in heating and cooling costs over the life of the home.

Cutting costs in this way helps builders remain competitive in the industry. And, since most buyers can’t tell the difference between a high-quality window and a poor one, this practice is likely to continue.

If your new home included granite countertops or a backyard landscaping allowance, that money had to come from somewhere. Chances are, it came from your window and door quality.

When Should You Consider Replacement Windows?

If you purchased your home from the builder, you were likely given the option to upgrade your windows at that time. But, because new home buyers tend to focus on upgrading their flooring, cabinetry and other interior finishes, you may have declined the window upgrade option.

If you bought a newer home on the resale market, it’s a safe bet that the original owner declined the window upgrade as well. If your heating and cooling bills are higher than they should be, or if you struggle to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, this is a likely culprit.

If you have low-quality windows, consider replacing them as soon as possible. Experts recommend that you replace the original builder-grade products in the first ten years of the home’s life.

Why You Should Choose Professional-Grade Replacement Windows

Professional-grade replacement windows offer a variety of advantages over the bare-bones, builder-grade alternatives. High-quality windows offer many desirable features, including easy-clean options and a myriad of operational choices. Improved aesthetics will increase your home’s curb appeal and architectural integrity. And, perhaps most important, higher quality windows provide exceptional comfort and energy efficiency.

Financially, you almost can’t help but benefit by replacing builder-grade windows with energy-efficient replacement windows.

Upon selling your home, you will recoup a significant portion of the investment and increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. In the meantime, you can cut your energy consumption (and bills) significantly while improving the comfort level of your home.

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