Window Replacement Upgrades Save Money

Window replacement is a big investment in your home, and there is a dizzying variety of options available to buyers today. Many homeowners end up making decisions without understanding the true benefits and savings that some of these options have to offer. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing replacement windows.

Window Replacement Upgrades

Low-e Windows and Improved HVAC Performance

Most people know that having windows with low-e (low emissivity) glass keeps some of the outdoor heat out of your house. Did you know that low-e glass also keeps the heated and cool air produced by your HVAC system in? It does this by bouncing off, or rejecting, some of the sun’s UV and infrared light, without significantly reducing the amount of visible light that passes through.

The exterior glass actually absorbs less heat than untreated glass, so it transfers less heat into your home. That means your HVAC system can maintain the temperature you want indoors while running less. You may even find that you’re able to heat and cool your home with smaller units that use less energy, thanks to low-e glass windows.

Reduce Hidden Costs

Obviously, energy savings are going to be the biggest cost benefit to replacement windows with upgrades like low-e coating and insulation, but what else will you save money on?

UV rays are damaging to upholstery fabrics. Your sofas and chairs will wear longer and look better with added protection from upgraded windows.

Heat and UV rays are also murder on rugs, carpet, and other floorings. Not only will direct sunlight damage the visible surface of a rug or carpet, but it will also contribute to faster degradation of the fibers and backing, which means you’ll need to replace sooner.

Wood furniture is also a victim of sun damage. When your wood furniture is constantly exposed to sunlight, it can warp, and the finish can fade, craze, or peel. If you’ve ever looked into the cost of refinishing, you’ll understand that preventing sun damage is a significant cost savings.

Triple-Glazed Windows

Triple-Glazed Windows offer your home an added layer of protection. Because there is an additional layer of glass and an additional insulating space, triple-glazed windows offer more possible combinations of filler gas, glazing material, and glass coating, to achieve precise control for your specific use.

Triple-glazed windows create a wider area of separation between indoors and out, so they reduce window condensation by about 20% over dual-pane.

Better insulation means better noise reduction. If your home faces a noisy street, triple-glaze might improve your enjoyment of your home significantly.

Thermal-pane windows are less prone to cracking because of thermal shock, and they are harder to break through, so your home and family are safer.

Shave Your Costs

Local utilities, municipalities, state governments, and the federal government frequently offer homeowners special programs like rebates, tax credits, and low- or no-interest loans to make energy-efficient improvements like upgraded windows.

When you call Rocky Mountain Windows and Doors for a consultation, be sure to ask what programs will be available to help you save money on your window replacement project.