Why Choose Vinyl Clad Windows, Door Jambs, and Trim

Choosing vinyl clad windows and door jambs for your home can help reduce maintenance and increase protection against the elements.

Vinyl Clad Windows

The process of vinyl cladding adds a layer of vinyl to wooden windows and jambs to combine the strength of wood with the easy care of vinyl. On the inside that faces your room, you can paint or stain the frames as you like, while not worrying about the exterior.

Vinyl Cladding Protects Wood and Extends the Life of Your Doors and Windows

Wooden windows and doors are considered classic, and wood is the window product traditionally used in homes. A great insulator, it does not lose heat through the frame, and the material is easy to work with. The main downside is that over time, the window frames need repainting, and if they are not properly maintained and exposed to the elements, may show signs of rot over time. Vinyl cladding adds a protective layer of material – that needs no painting – over the solid wood frame.

Window frames are usually covered with brick mold, an exterior trim that is never made of brick. The purpose is to provide visual contrast around the windows and doors, but also prevent water from infiltrating the walls between the house and the siding. It is usually wood, and as with window frames, is subject to weather problems. Vinyl clad brick mold keeps out water, looks great, and is not subject to the same weatherization issues as plain wood.

Adding vinyl cladding and brick molding does not replace other weatherization tasks such as properly house-wrapping, flashing, and sealing before adding trim. It just adds extra protection against leaks and water damage that can defeat the purpose of adding new doors or windows.

Door jambs made of wood are chosen for structural strength and can also benefit from vinyl cladding. Modern products work well even with prion doors and are fastened with invisible fasteners that do not obscure the look.

Vinyl Clad Windows and Door Products Popular in the Marketplace

The concept of vinyl cladding has been embraced by most door and window manufacturers, who have expanded their line to include weather resistant products. Some products are available in basic white or tan, while others have a full range of wood tones. Since painting vinyl takes away the carefree aspect, make sure to look for a brand that offers the colors you want for your trim. Even if you have just replaced some of the windows in your home, upgrading the brick molding can improve the appearance and standardize the look.

Choose Competent Professionals for Your Vinyl Cladding Needs

A company that offers new and replacement windows can often provide not only the vinyl clad products that you want, but also handle the installation. The professionals will make sure that damage to rotten windows and door jambs has not impacted nearby wood, while addressing and fixing any source of leaks before installing the new products. With the right products and expert installation, you will forget that you are looking at vinyl, not wood.

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