Planning on Window Replacement? Understanding Your Glass Options

The window replacement process involves a series of decisions, one of which is what kind of glass you want.

In our experience, many homeowners are surprised to learn that a number of different window glass types are available. For that reason, we decided to put together a basic guide explaining the various options we offer here at Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors.
Utah replacement windows

Dual-Pane Glass

Dual-pane glass has become the new standard for window replacement. With two panes separated by a space filled with air or gas, these windows can insulate a home and provide energy savings.

Triple-Pane Glass

Windows with three panes of glass further enhance a home’s energy efficiency. After installation, there’s very little heat transfer and air loss – which allows families to remain comfortable with less use of their heating and cooling systems.

Low-Emissivity Coating

Applied to the inner surfaces of dual-pane or triple-pane windows, low-emissivity or low-e coating provides protection from ultraviolet rays. Solar heat gain is reduced, carpets don’t fade and furniture doesn’t get damaged with this glass coating.

Low-E3 Protection

With low-E3 glass, windows have three layers of protection against solar heat gain. This helps ensure optimal energy efficiency, and the triple coating is a smart option for homeowners in any climate zone.

Argon Gas Enhancement

Available for dual-pane and triple-pane windows, argon gas invisibly minimizes the amount of heat transfer and air loss by shielding harmful ultraviolet rays. Homeowners who opt for argon gas see little condensation and frost on their glass panes.

Impact-Resistant Glass

For maximum protection against the elements, homeowners can choose impact-resistant glass. The panes are laminated, and the strengthened glass helps keep families safe during extreme weather events.

Privacy Glass

Offered in several designs, privacy glass has a pattern pressed in during production, and the pattern obscures the view and helps diffuse any glare. At the same time, this window replacement option allows plenty of natural light to enter.

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