Do Your Vinyl Windows Need Replacement?

If your vinyl windows need to be replaced, they’re hurting your home’s energy efficiency and probably not keeping you and your family as comfortable as you should be. If you’ve got broken panes or drafts, you obviously need to replace the windows, but some of the warning signs are less obvious.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Three Red Flags


If your windows seem a little foggy or there are any signs of mildew in between the panes of your windows, they are no longer sealed. Dual- and triple-pane windows contain a gas in the space between the panes which insulates the interior of your home against outdoor temperatures, and against noise. If your window seals have failed, you’re wasting a lot of money on heating and air conditioning, and you’re probably spending more time listening to your neighbors than you’d like.

Frame Deterioration

It can be difficult to spot the earliest signs of deterioration in vinyl window frames, but two telltale signs are fading or yellowing, and losing their smooth finish. If your window frames were shiny when they were new, are they losing their shine? Or if they had a more satiny finish to begin with, do they look a little rougher? These are all signs that the vinyl is nearing the end of its useful life, and it’s time to start planning for replacement before one breaks or stops working.

Windows Are Hard to Operate

Is it getting harder to open and close the windows? This can be a sign that your window frames are no longer square. This can be caused by deterioration, or by the house settling and placing pressure on the window frames. If the window frames are not in their correct shape, the window won’t seal completely, so you’re losing the benefits of insulation against sound and outdoor temperatures, and you may be letting damaging water or insects into your home, too.

The Final Straw

One other compelling reason to replace your vinyl windows is that you’re ready for updated looks and function. There is a much greater selection of styles, colors, and shapes available today than there were the last time those windows needed replacement. Some cool new features are now available, like enclosed window treatments; your choice of window shades is placed between the window panes, so you never have to clean or dust draperies and blinds again! Rocky Mountain Windows and Doors can evaluate the condition of your current windows, and help you select the perfect new vinyl windows if you need them.