Composite Windows

Today’s high-tech composite windows prove that there is, indeed, something new under the sun.

Advances in technology have provided us with a new approach to window design. Composite window frames combine the enduring beauty of wood windows with exceptional energy efficiency and durability, and they require virtually no maintenance.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is proud to offer these state-of-the-art products to our customers throughout Utah.

What Are Composite Windows

Composite window frames are fabricated from a blend of polymers and thermoplastic resins, very similar to those used to manufacture today’s car bumpers.

If you’ve ever had experienced a fender-bender in your car, you know it takes a lot to dent or ding a polymer bumper. Imagine how well composite window frames will stand up to years – or decades – of use in your home.

Advantages of Composite Windows in Utah

The weather extremes of Northern Utah make composite frames an ideal choice. Wood frames are vulnerable to moisture and extreme cold can cause cracks in vinyl windows. And, although both vinyl and wood windows are energy efficient, composite frames ensure the minimum heat transfer. In fact, they are 200 percent better for insulation and may cut your home heating bills by up to 40 percent.

Another notable advantage can be found in the construction of composite frames. With joints that are heat-welded (rather than attached using fasteners) they provide exceptional strength and stability.

You can select from a wealth of options for color and design as well. Exterior colors won’t fade, chip or peel and you’ll never have to worry about repainting. You can select the matching interior color or wood veneer, to create the look of fine wood windows without the hassle.

Composite Frames for New or Replacement Windows

Whether you plan to build a new house or you simply need replacement windows for your existing home, composite makes the ideal choice.

Each window is fabricated exactly to the size and configuration you request. Composite windows can be customized to fit any shape of opening as well. Choose from double hung, casement or awning operation. You can also select fixed glass in direct-set or sash and frame designs.

With all these advantages, you may be wondering how much composite windows cost. With a price point that generally falls between vinyl and wood designs, they are surprisingly affordable for both replacement and new windows.

In Utah, Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is proud to represent the finest manufacturers, including the Amsco Renaissance Series. As a locally owned and operated company, we provide a highly personalized level of customer service. Whether you need new or replacement doors, skylights or windows, we promise you will be delighted with our attention to detail and highly competitive pricing.

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