Velux Venting Skylights Provide Natural Beauty, Light & Fresh Air

If you aren’t familiar with venting skylights, it’s time to introduce yourself. Trust us, these are not your grandmother’s skylights.

Velux Venting Skylights

Although they’ve been used since Roman times, skylights were first introduced commercially in the 1950s and 60s. They became a fixture in homes built through the 70s and 80s, but fell out of favor because of their reputation for problems.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’ve come a long way, baby. The Velux Fresh Air line of venting skylights are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but they’re available – and affordable – today.

The Technological Marvels of Venting Skylights

Skylights have a reputation for leaking and heating up the room, but those issues have long since been resolved.

The Velux line of venting skylights is guaranteed not to leak and they can – in fact – control heat exchange better than many roofing products. They even have a new name: roof windows.

Another common problem with old plastic skylights was keeping them clean. Water spots and accumulated dirt made them appear dingy and unpleasant, and they scratched easily when you tried to clean them. Today’s models are made from high-tech Neat® glass, designed to sheet water – and dirt – off the surface.

The result is a spot-free, shiny venting skylight surface that lets nature’s light shine through.

If you’re worried about noise, rest assured that’s not a concern either. In fact, these technological marvels filter up to 25 percent more outdoor noise than double-pane windows.

Choose From Manual, Electric or Solar Powered Vented Skylights

You can choose from Velux venting skylight models that open manually, just like a window, or that work via remote control.

If electrical wiring is readily available, you can choose the hard-wired option to power your vented skylights. Or, if wiring isn’t feasible, you can select solar-powered models.

Both automatic options include a sleek, small and intuitive video remote control module for easy operation. And, just in case you leave home and forget to close your skylights, they have an inclement weather sensor to handle that for you.

Speaking of weather, the laminated, tempered glass Velux products include a ten-year hail breakage warranty.

Each Velux venting skylight also offers an optional room-darkening or light filtering double pleated blind. These blinds are insulating as well, and are available for manual, electric and solar operation, just like the windows.

The Significant Economic Benefits of Having Skylights that Open

You have windows for light and air, so you might wonder why you should pay extra money for skylights that open. You might be surprised to know just how much money you can save with venting skylights.

The first answer lies with a phenomenon called the stack effect, or chimney effect.

When you open a window to let fresh air in, warm air rises and becomes trapped against the ceiling, or upstairs if you have a two-story home. That air becomes stale and it continues warm. As a result, your home becomes uncomfortable and you’re forced to turn on the air conditioner.

When you open a venting skylight, the warm air is sucked out and additional fresh air is pulled in through the windows below. This effect and the constant movement of fresh air results in what’s known as passive air conditioning.

Customers who have installed venting skylights report a dramatic difference. Imagine coming home on the warmest day of the year, touching a button on your Velux remote control, and having your house cool down in a matter of moments.

The cooling, cleaning, and energy-saving effects that venting skylights deliver to a home define the value of the upgrade.

Check out this video to see how the stack effect works!

But Wait. We Have More Good News about Saving Money.

Most of the Velux vented skylights products are ENERGY STAR® certified, which means they meet the EPA’s stringent standards for energy efficiency. This means you’ll save on your electric bills and, in some cases, be eligible for rebates or incentives from your local utility company.

Even better, both the solar roof windows and solar-powered blinds are eligible for the 30 percent federal solar tax credit. Between the tax credit and the energy savings these beautiful products offer, your Fresh Air skylights and roof windows may well pay for themselves!

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