Replacement Doors & Windows for Your Utah Historic Home

If you need replacement doors and windows for a historic home in Utah, you may think you’ve got your work cut out for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to haunt the aisles of the repurposed building materials store to find authentic replacements. Today’s window and door manufacturers have heeded your cry for help, offering a variety of new, energy-efficient windows and doorsthat will perfectly match the look and feel of your historic home – inside and out.

Replacement Doors & Windows for Your Utah Historic Home

Replacement Doors for Historic Homes

The most important door on any vintage home is the front entry. The right design for your home will depend on the architectural style and the look you hope to achieve.

For example, the craftsman bungalow design favors stained wood or wood-look entry doors that feature touches of artistic glass. Mission-style designs may call for arched designs for both entry and patio openings. Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired prairie designs make heavy use of uninterrupted expanses of glass as well as art glass.

Of course, unless your home has restrictions imposed by CC&Rs or design guidelines, you are free to choose whatever style replacement door you prefer for your home.

Replacement Windows for Historic Homes

For most craftsman designs, you’ll be safe choosing a classic double-hung casement window design using wood. Mission-style homes use double-hung or casement designs with a grill pattern on the upper sash. Spanish colonial homes look best with French casement windows with an outward, vertical swing.

In some designated historic neighborhoods, you may have to obtain permission from the historic preservation committee to modify the front-facing exterior of your home. Fortunately, as long as you select replacement window designs that maintain your home’s character, that permission should be easily obtained.

In fact, some municipalities offer grants to assist homeowners with the cost of window replacement projects in historic districts.

Planning Your Window & Door Replacement Project

Replacing either a home’s doors or its windows is a project in itself. Undertaking both at once may be a bit much for you and your family, if you’ll be living in the home. Fortunately, neither aspect of the project should take more than a few days.

The Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors will work closely with you to select the ideal replacement models to enhance your home’s curb appeal and value while maintaining that historic charm and authenticity. We will measure each opening by hand and special order your doors and windows for a perfect match.

Finally, our professional installers will work closely with you to complete the project efficiently and quickly, to minimize the disruption in your home.

Contact Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors today to learn more, or to request a personalized estimate for replacement doors and windows for your Utah historic home.