MIWD EnergyCore Vinyl Windows with SuperCapSR Color Technology

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for new and replacement windows since they are durable, and easy to maintain and care for. miwd-windows-single-hungHowever, most modern vinyl windows, made to accommodate double or triple pane windows for energy efficiency, have two main flaws:

  • The color choice is limited, and
  • Even with multiple pane technology, they are subject to air and water infiltration if the seal breaks or the frame distorts.

EnergyCore™ windows from MIWD creatively address both of these problems.

Using a patented, coextruded colorant system that includes a molecularly-fused color layer that is part of the product, MIWD window products incorporate SuperCapSR Color Technology inspired by military infrared reflective technology. The window frame utilizes patented AirCell™ PVC frame technology, insulating glass, and a design that blocks the infiltration of air and water. When the color technology and the energy-efficient features are combined, you have a window that will both keep its appearance and its performance characteristics no matter what the climate.

Pleasing, Durable Finishes with SuperCapSR Color Technology

The SuperCapSR technology incorporates benefits that make it a good choice for any window frame.

  • Its acrylic color layer has 12 times the scratch resistance and durability of a normal window, which will protect it during transit, installation, and use.
  • The product has been weather tested for endurance in multiple climates, including Florida, Arizona, and Kentucky.
  • SuperCapSR meets AAMA 613 standards for weathering, color fade, and profile stability with low heat buildup, AAMA 614 color-hold standards and AAMA 615 durability standards.
  • Currently available in Architectural Bronze and Silver to complement most exterior color palettes.

EnergyCore Frames Build for Energy Efficiency

The frame for the MIWD ™ Window System is built for strength.miwd-windows-frame

  • Coextruded and thermally bonded, the frame is fully insulated and corner welded, which improves its energy efficiency and strength.
  • Made stronger with internal aluminum reinforcements, the frame is made to support triple pane Insulating glass, even in the largest residential window sizes.
  • The frame construction makes it block thermal conductivity six times better than fiberglass, four times better than rigid PVC, and three times better than wood.
  • When used with triple pane argon filled TMAX glass packs, window exceeds Energy Star® requirements by 30 to 50%, while exceeding Energy Star Requirements in all climate zones, even in double pane styles without argon gas fill.
  • Meets requirements for Department of Energy R-5 High Performance Window Program.

MI Windows Orem Utah

The properties of MMWD Energy Core™ vinyl windows with SuperCapSR Color Technology make an excellent choice for your new and replacement window needs. Now available at Rocky Mountain Windows, they will meet your requirements for performance and appearance.

For more information, visit the MIWD website.