How to Manage Window or Door Hail Damage

There are just a few kinds of extreme weather events that may cause physical risks to your property, and one of the most well-known examples here is hail. In particular, property components like doors and especially windows can be at some level of risk during or after particularly heavy hail, and knowing how to respond is important. 

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, we’re thrilled to assist clients around Utah with all their door and window installation, replacement and care needs, including for instances like these where Mother Nature plays a role. Here are some basics on the main risks hail can create for doors and especially windows, how to assess your doors and windows following a hailstorm, and some of the basic options you’ll likely have for covering any repair or replacement costs that arise here. 

manage window door hail damage

Risks Hail Poses to Doors and Windows

Firstly, let’s discuss the specific ways in which hail can create issues for doors and windows. There are several such risks:

  • Direct impact: In some cases, heavy hail may directly strike and damage windows or doors. This is typically most common with smaller hailstones. It may create cracks or fractures in the glass or other materials, or it could even damage the frame itself.
  • Wind-driven impact: In other cases, hail is moved by high winds and may contact windows at a greater speed and with more force than would otherwise be seen. This can increase the risk of direct impacts, but also adds another factor into these risks.
  • Indirect damage: Finally, in some cases hail may not directly strike windows or doors but could still cause problems for them. For instance, if the hail caused significant damage to the roof and allowed water to seep into the structure and weaken it, this could create risks for both doors and windows nearby.

Assessing Doors and Windows After Hail

If a hailstorm has recently passed through your area, here are some basic tips for checking on any potential damage to windows and doors:

  • Start with a visual inspection: Begin by inspecting all parts of each window or door that you can see, such as the panes of glass and the frame. Look for any visible signs of cracking, chipping or other damages.
  • Check for drafts: If you can access the inside of your home, close all doors and windows and run your hand along the edges. If air is getting in through any cracks or gaps, this could indicate that some weather damage has occurred.
  • Listen for unusual noises: Even if no visible damage exists, listen for any odd sounds when opening or closing doors or windows. This could be an indication of damage that may need repair.
  • Look for leaks or signs of water damage: Another key issue to watch for is signs of water damage, which could indicate that hail or other extreme weather has caused issues with your windows or doors.

It’s vital to note that if you’re looking to utilize insurance to cover the costs of window or door replacement or repair following a hailstorm (more on this in a moment), an inspection from a professional may be required. This inspection will allow you to document any damage that has occurred and provide proper documentation for your insurance claim.

Possible Warranty Coverage

In some cases, the windows or doors in question may still be under warranty and eligible for coverage of all or some of the costs associated with hail damage. This is rare, but worth checking into if you know you have a warranty on your windows or doors.

Part of the reason for this rarity is that most door and especially window manufacturers do not include hail damage in their warranty coverage. However, some may have specific exclusions to this rule or may offer limited coverage for certain types of hail damage.

Insurance Options

More commonly, your best route for covering hail damage to your doors and windows is through homeowner’s insurance. In many cases, this should be included in a basic policy, but it’s always worth double-checking with your provider.

Generally speaking, there are two parts of an insurance claim for window or door repair or replacement:

  • Deductible: Like any insurance claim, you’ll need to cover the deductible portion of the repair costs on your own. This will vary based on your specific policy and provider, but typically ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Actual coverage: Once you’ve paid the deductible, your insurance should cover the remaining costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged windows or doors. It’s important to document all these costs accurately for proper coverage.

For those who will be going the insurance route, here are some of the basic steps that need to be covered:

  • Damage inspection: As we noted above, you’ll need an inspection from a professional to document the damage and provide proper documentation for your insurance claim. Without this, your claim may be denied.
  • Filing the claim: Once you have the necessary documentation, it’s time to file the claim with your insurance provider. This can usually be done online or over the phone. It may involve providing additional information, depending on your policy.
  • Repair or replacement: Finally, you’ll work with your insurance provider and a professional contractor to complete the necessary repairs or replacements. This should be covered through your policy as long as you have all proper documentation in order.

While dealing with an insurance company, it’s vital to remember that they are businesses and may try to minimize their payout or deny claims altogether. This is why it’s important to have all necessary documentation and potentially seek legal assistance if needed. Additionally, being proactive about addressing any window or door hail damage can help prevent larger issues down the line and save you money in the long run. 

Overall, understanding the potential risks of hail and how to respond can help protect your doors and windows, as well as your property as a whole. By knowing what to look for in terms of damage and utilizing the available options for repair or replacement, you can better prepare yourself for any future hailstorms that may come your way. So stay informed and take proactive steps to safeguard against potential damages caused by severe weather events like hail. 

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