French Doors Make Your Home More Beautiful and Energy Efficient

French doors are a smart choice when it comes to replacing an old sliding door. It’s a significant upgrade from a design standpoint, and with so many materials, colors, and window styles available, there’s a French door to match any home.

French Doors

Reap the Benefits

We’re all looking for ways to economize these days, and adding modern French doors to your home can save you money in ways you probably hadn’t thought about. They’ll also give you more convenient access to your home and make your room a more enjoyable place to spend time.

Unexpected Savings

French doors can be manufactured in double- or triple-pane, just like any other window, so you can choose the right level of insulation and outside noise reduction for your situation. Your home’s heating and cooling system will run more efficiently, and you will stay more comfortable in your home. The low-e glass that helps reject heat from outside and bounce the indoor heated air back into the room minimizes the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that comes into your room. UV light is what causes your rugs and carpet, furniture, window coverings, wall hangings, and interior paint to fade, and shortens their useful life. Spend less on heating and air conditioning, and preserve the beauty of your home’s furnishings.

Improved Natural Light and Air Flow

French doors are often accompanied by side lights, which can be operable or fixed. Operable side lights give you a lot more control over the air flow in your room than a sliding door. Open one or both side lights, with or without the French doors being open, until you’ve got exactly the right amount of air flow. There are several choices of glass for the doors and side lights, as well, which allow you to bring in as much light as possible, or diffuse the light, or even alter the color of light a little: It all depends on the look and feel you want.

Easier Access

Since French doors do not have a column between the doors, they offer a huge access space to your home. It gives a welcoming feel to your guests and family, but it also makes it a lot easier to have furniture delivered without banging up the walls and door jambs.

Bring the Outdoors in

Enjoy your landscape or view, fountain, or pool, even when you’re indoors. French doors act like a giant picture frame, spotlighting your property’s best features.

Showcase A Room

French doors are a beautiful and practical design choice for interior doors, too. Enclose a formal dining room or living room to keep pets and small children out when the room is not in use, or put French doors on the family room to create a cozy space and to cut down on noise without making the room feel closed off.

Get Design Help and Ideas

At Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, our expert designers will help you to evaluate what you want to achieve in your home, and help you put together a plan to boost your home’s beauty and efficiency with French doors, creating a space you and your family will love.