Steel & Rod Iron Exterior Doors

Steel exterior doors offer many advantages that homeowners love.

They are strong, durable and long-lasting doors. You can choose from a host of options and you can use these doors at virtually any entryway.


Benefits of Steel Doors

These doors are stronger than almost any other option, and provide an exceptional level of security. They are also highly fire-resistant. For peace of mind, nothing can top this material.

This strength also equates to durability. Doors made from this material will endure for decades, requiring little or no maintenance. They will never warp or crack and provide a superior level of insulation.

Benefits of GlassCraft Buffalo Forge Steel Doors

GlassCraft offers superior doors that we recommend for their beauty, security, and durability. They come in many sizes, with the option to closely trim all sides for an optimal fit. And because they are thermally broken, you won’t lose either warm or cool air to the outside world. Other doors may accumulate condensation in warm months and frost in cold months, but GlassCraft doors never will.

You will feel safe with these steel doors, too. The 18-gauge steel is dent resistant and has optional reinforced locks and jambs. Raised mouldings keep glass panels intact and add an extra layer of beauty to your home’s entrance.

And if that weren’t enough, GlassCraft doors are always in stock and ready to ship, and cost about 40% less than other premium steel doors. It’s easy to see why RMWD prefers Buffalo Forge Steel Doors!

Steel Exterior Door Options

steel-rod-iron-doors-utahYou can design a steel entry door with almost any of the elements you find in wood doors, including decorative hardware and sidelights.

You can choose to paint your door, or enjoy one of the pre-finished options. And with multiple sizes and the ability to perform field trimming, you are sure to get an excellent fitting product.

See our catalog below for design options. Notice that GlassCraft doors come with raised moldings around glass and solid door panels for a beautiful, finished look.

Comparing GlassCraft Steel Products

GlassCraft Classic Steel GlassCraft Thermaplus Steel
16-gauge dent-resistant steel 18-gauge dent-resistant and kick-proof steel
In stock for a short lead time In stock for a short lead time
Ready to install system Ready to install system OR available as door-only slab
100% composite threshold 100% composite threshold
Windstorm rated WI-series Thermally broken to prevent heat and cold transfer
Pre-assembled and tested Field-trimmable for an exact fit
Uses standard one-point or multi-point handle sets
Excellent value: half the price of premium steel doors

Best Uses of Steel Exterior Doors

Steel is an excellent choice when security is a concern. These doors come with 18-gauge dent-resistant, kick-proof steel, multipoint locks and door jamb reinforcement. They are appropriate for use at the front entry, for the back yard or patio and for side access.

When durability, low maintenance and security are important, consider using steel exterior doors.