Composite Exterior Doors

Composite exterior doors combine materials to leverage the benefits of each. The result is an outstanding door that anyone can afford.

Using a variety of materials that may include hardwood inner frames, PVC subframes and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) cladding, these doors are designed to provide maximum value and durability.


Benefits of Composite Exterior Doors

Composite doors are extremely strong and durable, and offer a high level of security.

You can choose a variety of finish color options that endure year after year with minimal maintenance requirements. In fact, these products are designed to last for as long as 20 to 30 years.

The unique combination of materials also offers a high level of energy efficiency.

Composite Exterior Door Options

Composite doors may be composed of a variety of different materials, depending on the application and manufacturer.

The best combination for you depends on your application. For example, if your front entry gets a lot of sun, wind and moisture exposure, you might look for a model that features increased durability. If safety is a concern, you might prefer a model that offers a higher level of strength.

Whatever your needs, you can choose from hundreds of styles, sizes and finish options. You can also add hardware and glass options to match your design preferences and your home’s architectural style.

Best Uses of Composite Doors

Although composite doors are especially popular at the front entry, you can choose from a stunning array of patio, sliding and folding options. Light and flexible, these designs offer significant great design flexibility and allow you to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living.

In addition to front entry and back porch or patio uses, you can also use this revolutionary combination of materials at side entry, basement and outbuilding locations. If you seek value and flexibility for your home, consider using composite exterior doors.