Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows may sound more like an amusement park ride than fenestration, but they’re the most versatile, cost-effective and stylish window design to come along in decades.

tilt and turn windows

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors is proud to introduce our Utah customers to this innovative European design, with the exclusive JELD-WEN Widows & Doors line of tilt and turn windows. This line of products is ideal for replacement as well as new window projects, and they will enhance the function and appearance of any space.

What Are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Imagine combining a casement window design with an inverted awning window. The result is a window that can swing outward from a vertical axis (left or right) or tilt inward, horizontally, from the bottom edge.

In Europe, tilt and turn window designs are often used to meet the function of doors as well as windows. As these versatile windows gain popularity in the United States, homeowners and architects are finding virtually limitless creative applications for their use.

A single handle manages both the tilting and opening functions. These easy-to-operate windows are perfect for those applications where you require both access and ventilation.

Turn and Tilt Window Options

tilt and turn windowsDepending on your energy needs, style preference and budget, you can select from a variety of options when designing your new or replacement windows.

Turn and tilt windows from JELD-WEN are wood-clad, with your choice of more than 40 exterior clad finishes and ten interior wood finish options. You can choose from knotty alder, pine, oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry and douglas fir, as well as custom wood options. If you prefer to add grilles (simulated muntins), you can choose from several patterns, including colonial and prairie styles.

Glass choices range from energy efficiency and Low-E glass to textured and tinted options. JELD-WEN also offers several decorative glass designs, including craftsman, classic and contemporary themes. When combined with your glass texture and tint of choice, as well as your interior and exterior finish and profile, these high-quality windows can be customized to match your taste as well as your home’s design.

Designing Tilt Windows for Utah Homes

Thanks to their unique combination of form and function, turn and tilt windows are a cost-effective option for both new and replacement window projects. They are especially appropriate for the Northern Utah climate, as they provide energy savings all year long.

This unique design works well with all types of architecture and home design, thanks to the many custom options available from the manufacturer. And, because every window is individually measured and fabricated specifically for your project, this design can be used in virtually any location in your home.

Rocky Mountain Windows & Doors, located in Orem, Utah, serves customers throughout the Salt Lake City area and Northern Utah. We represent the finest door, window and skylight manufacturers. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and cost estimate for new or replacement windows and doors, including the exclusive JELD-WEN tilt and turn windows.